Wednesday, September 14, 2011

RelaxReflect Tank Winner is...

Are you just dying to know who the lucky winner of their very own super awesome made in America RelaxReflect tank is? 

 I had 177 entries counting the ones that emailed or FBd their entries to me because they weren't able to comment on my blog.  Plugged in to

 who turns out to be

Marisa email me your info and I will put you in contact with Jean!  Congrats!  If you haven't checked out Marisa's blog yet you should!  Check it out HERE

Today is a rest day and I am having a hard time with it since I am home from work and it looks perfect for a run out.  So I am going to take the kids to town and visit a friend.    I am trying so hard to have a good taper week so I am rested up for Sunday's half marathon.

Any great taper advice?


  1. yes! distractions are very good when tapering! i also feel the need to treat myself often as a way of rewarding myself for actually tapering...haha. but that may just be me ;)

    congrats to marisa!

  2. Taper advice....go for a WALK (I did this morning--woke at 5:30 ready to run). At least you're outside in all that pre-fall beauty, right? And moving your body, right?

  3. only thing that works for me with tapering is to fill my schedule with activities so I don't have time to run ;)

  4. You are going to ROCK your half marathon! Have fun :)

    Don't know anything about tapering though, wish I could help.

  5. Congrats to Marisa! I am so jealous :P

  6. Taper advice: go for walks, enjoy some carb loading and expect to have reduced patience for life in general. :)

    You are going to rock that half!


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