Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Things for Thursday

1.First of all ~ Happy birthday today to my sweetheart! ~ I love birthdays. Not only is it a special day to celebrate someone, BUT I get to eat cake!  Win win situation as far as I am concerned!  Rance wants Better then Sex Cake (not sure what he is trying to tell me with that :)  I found a great recipe for it HERE  so that will be my afternoon project. 
Happy Birthday!
2. Yesterday I took the kids to Candy Town because Cade wants a Candyland cake for his birthday.  I made made his sister one for her birthday once and the kids thought it was pretty cool

 I love Candy Town! Bin after bin of all that sweet sugary goodness!  Yum!

 Here is the cake I made last time, it is the pink version on Candyland, not very precise but the kids LOVED it and I would have to say so did I. I had to taste test the candy before I could put it on. 
 3. I woke up this morning with a frog in my throat type of voice.  Not good.  I feel okay otherwise but with a half marathon in three days this is NOT want I want to be going on.  My kids have both had a cold, and my sister and her kids, so I kind of expected something to come along I was just really hoping it would wait until AFTER the half marathon.  My sister had a it bad in the sinuses  :(  Hoping this stays mild and just goes away.  I have been amping up on the Vitamin C.  Think maybe I will have chicken soup for lunch and try to get to bed early tonight.

Any great advice for running a half marathon with a cold?  Any great medication advice?   Trying not to worry about it too much at this point but I just really want to rock this half marathon. 

Also going to be working on my playlist any great suggestions? I don't listen to the radio a whole lot so I never know about new songs when they come out until I randomly hear them somewhere.  The radio in my car is fritzing out and so I keep it on one station (country) but I don't race to country. 

One more day left to enter my Aspaeris pivot short giveaway! Trust me these are awesome shorts!


  1. Sorry I don't have any tips for racing/running with a sore throat or a cold, but I hope you're better soon! I may have to visit you just to check out Candy town, that looks like my version of heaven!

  2. The Candy Land cake looks like a child's dream! Hope you get over your cold soon; that is the worst.

  3. First off, your hubby is a hotty. Just sayin'.

    Second, I want candy. You might be kinda mean posting those pictures of sugary goodness.

    Third, I take vitamin's called Cold Snap. You can get them at a natural foods store, or I order them online. They're expensive, but worth it! At the first sign of any sickness, I take two pills right away and then a pill about every hour. I continue that for a few days then slow down a bit. I either don't get sick at all, or the cold only lasts a day! You should see if you can find some!!!

  4. Um, adopt me?

    The two newest songs on my iPod? Friday Night by Katy Perry and Tonight by Pitbull.

  5. awesome cake! i hope you get to feeling better. i do pink lemonade emergenC mixed in orange juice three times a day plus nyquil at night. the newest songs i've gotten are: it girl and moves like jagger.

  6. That cake is AWESOME! I want one!

    I've had a frog in my throat all week. I feel fine, but I sound ridiculous! So weird. Now I just remembered I didn't take my vitamins this morning, uh oh!

  7. Wow, that cake does look awesome!

    Bummer about you feeling sick, hopefully you don't feel sick on raceday or I'm not sure you should do the race. As for suggestions on what to take, I realize that it was proven that it is basically just vitamins mixed together - but I like Airborne. I also like cold eeze cough drops. Good luck!

  8. Ummm can I come to Candy Town?! It looks like heaven!!! I have run a half with a cold. I just took cold medicine and sucked on cough drops. Not my finest performance but it wasn't awful either. Now you are in far better shape than I was then so I'm sure you are going to ROCK it! I agree with Nelly a teacher I recommend Airborne

  9. That cake looks really good! Hope you guys enjoy celebrating!

  10. Happy Birthday to your hubby! And load up on the Emergen-C, woman! :)


  11. Happy Birthday to your husband. Echo Laura Belle's comment here....

    Voted for you on Team Refuel today... better get some promo going, girl!

  12. Please get better for your race!! Happy Birthday to your hubby. :)

  13. Oh I love that cake! It looks amazing! Such a great idea. I started listening to country again. I just bought Pistol Annies.


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