Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love race pictures

This first picture is about a quarter of a mile from the starting line.  I think it would have been a pretty good picture IF my EYES would have been OPEN!  I looked up and smiled for the photo guy right after this but just as I did he put his camera down. 
The next two pictures are about 4 miles from the end.  I don't remember exactly where, but I know I didn't put on my sunglasses until the last 5 miles.

I was starting to feel tired but also holding a blistering (for me) 7:14ish and under pace. 

Aww I almost smiled in this one.  I was having so much fun!
And coming in to the finish, the kid behind me almost passed me, but didn't.  HA! Although I think another 10 feet and he would have.  Close call with almost being duded!

Another thing I forgot to mention in my race recap was that tons of the volunteers along the way were dressed up in Halloween costumes.  It made it so fun to run along and see all the fun costumes on the road guards and water station people.  Awesome touch awesome.

There was also something that happened to me at mile 4.12 that I meant to remember, but I can't.  I can only remember mile 4.12.

I do recommend this course for anyone wanting a fast time or a personal best.  It is mostly downhill with 3 areas of uphill they aren't that rough.  You could tell the people that weren't used to training on hills.  I passed quite a few people going up the hills.  YAY for all the hills I run on!

Please don't forget to vote for me on Team Refuel HERE if you have a spare minute.  Your votes are making me so happy.    Thank you all so so much!


  1. You look so strong in these!!! I love that you avoided getting duded!!! 7:14 and under....that's blistering to me too!!!

  2. Great photos, you look so strong in each one!

  3. Something "happened at 4.12 that I meant to remember," that pretty much sums up all of my races. I think of really great things to say when I recap, but then they go out the window.

    Your pics are great! And awesome job beating the kid!

  4. Awesome pictures! I always look like I am about to die in mine- you look like you are having a great time and could just keep on running!

  5. Great pictures! You look so determined!

  6. I'm pretty confident that if I were running less than 8 minute miles, I would be crying. So that makes your smiles even MORE impressive!

  7. You always look so awesome in your race pics. Love it!!!

    Voted from all my work computers today.

  8. You look FAST in your pictures! I haven't had a race picture yet that I really liked, but I still have time. :)

  9. you look like you are flying in your pics! love it! and love that tank!

  10. I've only had one race pic... It is okay, but not great. I still need to order a copy of it, though! lol

  11. Well, I'm gonna give your arms an A+ in these pics! They're looking STRONG!!!

  12. I love the story through pictures! You look great, btw.

  13. You inspire me and put me in awe! I love how strong and confident and joyous you look.

    Voted, yes.

  14. Great race pics, you look awesome!

  15. Another vote from me today! I hope you remember what happened at mile 4.12. Seems like it would be interesting if you remember that?

  16. I like that first picture. You look like you're in the zone. Congrats on beating that kid. I'd be pretty proud of that :-) Thanks for the voting reminder. Is there any way to see how the votes are coming along?

  17. You look like a superstar!!! good job Christy :D

  18. i loved the are definitely a rockstar! love your arms!

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