Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gearing Up!

I picked up my race packet yesterday, no big surprise that there wasn't a big expo or much swag, but I did get to meet Jeff Galloway!  But the bad bad blogger girl that I am I did not get a picture of me with him. Someday I will learn to be a better blogger! I thought about going back later when I realized what I had done, but I had things I had to get done.  No shirts at packet pickup instead you get it when you cross the finish line.  Little mixed on that but it is what it is.  I intend to finish and get the shirt!

We got a mp of the course, some Hammer Gel in Huckleberry flavor, some gloves, a bag with reflective stripes and our race number.  But we did also get 20% off clothing purchases at the local running store.  I may have invested in some cold weather running tights.  It is too warm to wear them now but winter is coming! 

I am going to be wearing my black Lululemon Run Speed skirt that I love so much, Garmin is charging as I write this.  My ipod is ready to go and I am going to use the playlist I used at the last half marathon I did. I haven't picked out a tank yet, still deciding!

They have record numbers at in the race this year.  There are over 450 in the half marathon, last year there was 412ish.  So that is awesome all the more people to aspire to pass, hopefully not be passed by  :)  I know 450 doesn't seem like  a lot to some of you, but for races around here that is HUGE!

And your daily reminder to please send a vote my way HERE and would love to be a part of Team Refuel!  You can vote once a day per computer.  Just type in my name and that is me in the bright yellow shirt with red hair..hard to miss  :)  Thank you so much to everyone who takes a minute out of their busy lives to vote.
  I love you all!

How do you feel about not getting your shirt until you get across the finish line?


  1. Good luck! And I voted for you! Team Refuel sounds so awesome! I'd like to apply... though I'm nowhere near as good as you! lol

  2. Weird that you didn't get a shirt. Are they giving those out instead of medals? Or are you getting both??

    Luluemon skirts are the best! Not only are you going to smoke this race, you are going to look amazing while doing it too!! Good luck and come back with a recap!!

  3. If the shirts says "finisher" on it, then I can see why they might wait to give them out at the end. PLUS...maybe it would be added incentive to keep pushing forward. Not as much incentive as say a hamburger for me, but incentive nonetheless...I WANT MY DANG SHIRT!!! Imma gonna finishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

  4. I think that it should be a packet pick up to get the shirt. I don't want to fool around with carrying it after the race. If it said finisher on it, I would not wear it unless I finished.

  5. I love your blog title! My Dirt Road Anthem is such a great title....

    No shirt??!! Strange. I never wear the shirts but I had a quilt made with all the shirts from my races. Great token of all that I've accomplished....

    Good luck on the race!

    Get Up & Go

  6. Good luck on the race! I hope you have great weather!

  7. Go get it! Will be waiting for the recap.

  8. New follower here :-) glad I found you, I am training for my first half marathon and am pretty nervous/excited!!

  9. Good Luck Christy I'll for sure go vote for you :) I don't think I'll ever be one to wear a racing skirt, but you certainly rock them girl! :D

  10. Good luck! Thanks for the reminder to keep voting!

  11. I think I've usually received half marathon and marathon shirts after the race. Sometimes they run out of my size - that's my only problem with that.
    Run fast and have fun at the race!

  12. hope you had a great race! i think it's weird to give them out at the end, are they not giving medals? who wants to deal with that afterwards?

  13. Very cool to have met Jeff Galloway! I've been reading one of his books.

    Good luck! :)

  14. Best of luck to you girl! I know that there is a sub 1:40 in those legs. Run your heart out and have fun, enjoy being fast!

  15. Hope you had a blast and kicked assphalt!! :)

    Can't wait for the recap. :)


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