Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yesterday and resolutions

My little cowboy spent most of the day yesterday laying on the couch and emptying the contents of his poor little stomach.  If it went in, it came back out.  Breaks my heart when my kids are sick.  Poor little guy.  Except I am not supposed to call him little, he hates that.  He is 5 years old and is not little anymore.  He reminds me all the time. 

I couldn't very well ask someone to watch my kids while I ran.  Everyone I would have asked yesterday I am sure didn't want their kids to get sick either.  Boo.  So I ran circles around the outside of the house, the driveway and to the corrals and back.   I ran 4 miles the first and second time I went out and 2 miles the third time for a total of ten miles. 

Boring!  I guess I could have used my ipod and listened to a podcast or something but I have kind of been enjoying being alone with my thoughts lately and haven't taken my ipod on the last couple of runs I have been on.  I used to HATE running without music, now I am finding I like it.

It is getting to be that time of year, no I am not talking about Christmas, but what happens right after.  People start thinking about the coming year, the things they want to accomplish, want to change, do better, not do, etc.  Yep, I am talking about New Years resolutions. 

 I found some interesting stats on New Year's Resolutions. I like stats.
40 to 45% of American adults make one or more resolutions each year.
Among the top new years resolutions are resolutions about weight loss, exercise, and stopping to smoke. Also popular are resolutions dealing with better money management / debt reduction.
The following shows how many of these resolutions are maintained as time goes on:
- past the first week: 75%
- past 2 weeks: 71%
- after one month: 64%
- after 6 months: 46%
While a lot of people who make new years resolutions do break them, research shows that making resolutions is useful. People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don't explicitly make resolutions:  source

There are a whole lot more crazy stats on this website if you are interested in reading more about it. Basically what Steve Shapiro surmised was that people who set resolutions and attained them were no happier than people who did not attain or did not set resolutions on place at all.

Interesting. I think so anyway.

So this leads me to wonder if I should even make New Year's Resolutions I am still going to feel the same way at the end of the year.

Need some help making your New Years.'s Resolutions?  Go HERE and they will make them for you. Easy peasy, don't like the one they give you?  Just keep pushing the Gimmie More button until you have all the resolutions you need!


I have been thinking a lot about New Year's Resolutions lately and what I want to accomplish next year. I haven't decided if I will have resolutions for next year or not.  I think the last time I really wrote them down was in 1998.  I know because I still have the piece of paper they are wrote on.  (I attained 80% of them by the way).  I would rather just have goals in general like I always do.

Here are some great tips for setting New Years Resolutions you can hopefully stick to that I found on various websites, just by Googling it
1. Set achievable goals. 
2. Create a plan.
3. Don't make absolutes. 
4. Write it down.
5. Allow for flexibility
6. Share it with others

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Are you a resolution setter?  Not generally, but I may set a few this year just for fun.
What tips do you have for setting goals?  


  1. love this, I was actually thinking of doing a post soon about resolutionists and sticking to your goals. I don't set resolutions per se, more just goals and I like to keep it an "all of the year" thing. I stick to goals much better if I make small and big goals throughout the entire year.

  2. Aww, hope your little one is feeling better.
    I set goals, I tend to not call them resolutions just because it seems like so many make those and immediately forget them, lol.

  3. I generally don't do resolutions. Once, though, I did join the gym in January. Does that count?

    I used to hate running without music, too. But lately, I like going without.

  4. My little guy (11 mo) was sick last week too. Breaks my heart. And I was in the same predicament as you - plus, I felt like I didn't want to leave his side =(
    I usually don't do new years resolutions. I feel that if I don't have the desire to do something now, then I'm not going to when Jan 1st rolls around, so why force or push myself to do something that I will likely end up not doing? I am always setting goals for myself though - so I guess those could be resolutions?

  5. Huh. Interesting.
    I haven't done resolutions in years, but now that I read this, maybe I should do some. And write them down.
    Good post!!

  6. I don't make resolutions. Maybe because I make goals throughout the year, I don't know.

  7. hmmmm I haven't thought about mine. but I will and I will most definitely have one :D

  8. Last year I made only one goal. It was to run a marathon in honor of my father. I had never actually completed a goal I set out for at New Years before! I am proud to say, I went from a struggling 5k-er to a marathoner in 9 months! I say, less is more with resolutions. One attainable goal really worked for me! and when I completed it, I made a new one...

  9. Those are wonderful tips Christy. Thank you for sharing. I like to just think of them as goals and not necessarily "resolutions". Goals seem so much more attainable.

    Great job at getting the workout in while your little one was sick.

  10. I think it's interesting about the happiness factor after a year.

    I do make resolutions and I normally keep them. I wasn't that way though until I started running. Makes me more disciplined.

    Hope the little guy is feeling better. I know how those close to home runs go when the kiddos arent feeling well.

  11. Oh I hope your "big" guy is feeling better :) Very impressive that you still got 10 miles in! I love this post, I actually found the stats to be stronger than I would've thought…but then it is interesting to learn that attaining them doesn't make us happier…hmmm. I like to set goals and am thinking of using my blog as a way of sharing them and keeping me accountable. We'll see….

  12. I was viewing the two and my brain automatically threw it together, "I will never give up frosted cupcakes". LOL.

    I just wrote a post on the same - resolutions - but instead on totally focusing on the list, I thought it great to just focus on 3 words that inspire my new year. Would love to hear your 3 words!

  13. i'm not really a resolution setter, but i really want to cut out the sugar this year. perhaps i will do it!!

  14. I usually am a resolution setter. This year was to worry less and laugh more. I think I did pretty good at it! I have to start thinking about my 2012 resolutions. These are awesome tips for setting goals...I would add to write it down and put it somewhere you see every day. No more out of sight out of mind!

    I hope you "big" boy is feeling better today!

  15. I do a resolution or make a bunch of things I want to do, like try to learn another language or, as in this year, run my first marathon and run 2 other races. I completed that. As for this year, I may have lose weight as a goal or something lame like that.

  16. Sorry your (little) guy is sick! I hope he's on the mend soon!

    I'm a big goal setter. I don't always achieve my goals on the timeline that I hope or quite the way that I want to, but I know that blogging about my objectives and the process helps me to make progress.

  17. I usually set at least one goal every year. I try really hard to make it something challenging, yet achievable.

  18. Great tips on setting your new years resolutions. I am still trying to figure out mine.

  19. I hope your little guy is feeling better! I can't believe you still managed 10 miles while cleaning up kid puke, I'm impressed. :)

  20. Hope your little guy is feeling beter.
    I usually set resolutions and while I don't always achieve all of them, it definitely helps in making me more mindful of what I do and the choices I make.

  21. Oh, so sorry your "little" man is sick. Wow, you are dedicated! :) Definitely a bonus having land and not living in the burbs in this case. I never used to listen to music while running. Always loved being alone with my thoughts. Just recently I started using music but I still prefer to be alone with my head. :) I am big goal person. I set regular goals but not so much just a New Years' resolution person. Easier for me to set goals more frequently. :)

  22. I do set goals for myself, but not all at once. I usually add some as the year goes by.

  23. In the group fitness world, New Year's resolutions means having full classes, lots of new and returning people when I teach, and regular exercisers who look forward to Feb when they can get "their" spot back. I have fun with the seasons of group ex! Kymberly


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