Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, You were a great year!

January and Febuary
I am going to lump those two months together because all I can say about them is that they were colder than normal, snowier than normal, and windy. I think I only ran outside a total of ten times.  The rest of the time I was in suffering on the elliptical and doing

First 5k of the year. The Shamrock run that the local running group puts on.  I did not get a PR but I did beat my time from the previous year.  I felt good and was so excited to be running in my running skirt for the first time of the year.  My older sister ran it with me which doubled the fun! Also ran another 5k with a new PR.

Ran three 5k races, PRd in two of them and WAY overdressed for the light rain for the third. 
Started my blog.   :) I got under 7 minute per mile splits for the first time in my life and broke a mental barrier.

Did the Women's Run 5 mile, got a 5 mile PR by 4 seconds.  Joan benoit Samuelson also ran this race, but I hardly saw her after the second mile, that woman is AMAZING!  I also ran a 5k.

Did my first ever 10k so that was an automatic PR although my time was a bit disapointing to me.  My splits averaged 7:15 and I felt like I should have been closer to 7:00 minute miles since that was where my 5 mile splits were. It gave me something to go off of though.

My third half marathon.  Mentally this one last year kicked my butt.  I went out too fast and it was hot out.  I took a different approach this year and got a PR by a couple of seconds. I felt strong physically and mentally.  I also did my first ever mud run and had a great time. 

I did my second 10k and went into it feeling well rested, and ready for redemption.  I PRd barely and mostly felt like the 10k race distance has not been conquered by me.  The next weekend I had a 5 mile race and went into it feeling tired and a little mentally stressed by the previous weeks performance.  1 mile into it I knew I was going to PR and I was STRONG.  My second favorite race of the year. A new 5 mile PR, by over a minute.

My 4th half marathon.  The one I had waited all summer for.  My favorite race of the year, perfect weather, perfect course and another new PR by over three minutes.

October, November, and December 
These months were all about loving running and taking time to just run.  Just run is what I did tallying up more miles each month than I did most of the rest of the year.  I also ran my first ever street mile race and won it. :)


  1. What a great year - you've done so much! And in the couple of months that I've been reading your blog your enjoyment of running has shone through every post. You are an inspiration to me :) Happy new year.

  2. That was one PR-filled year you had! Way to go. I have a feeling 2012 will really be your year!

  3. Now that's a great year! Can't wait to see what you do in 2012!

  4. Great job this year! Can't wait to read what 2012 has in store!

  5. What a great year you have had! I'm so glad I found your blog and can't wait to see how 2012 goes!

  6. You had one heck of a PR filled year! I can't wait to see what you accomplish 2012.

    Happy new year!

  7. Wow you had a lot of crazy fun and pr's in 2011!!
    Next year watch out, someones got hot feet.
    Go get em!

  8. really amazing FAST year you had!!!

    happy new year to you and your family!!!

    2012 I think you come race in CA!

  9. you had a great year! So speedy, I'm sure 2012 will just hold more PR's for you! Happy new year :)

  10. you had such a great year! I'm sure 2012 will show even more running accomplishments! Happy new year!

  11. Here's to a great 2012! Hope to see you in Portland for the Hood to Coast.

  12. What a year you had!! :) I Hope 2012 is a fabulous one for you as well!! Happy new year!! :)

  13. You're awesome! I have loved following your fitness achievements throughout the year. 2012 is going to be grand!

  14. Wishing you lots of happy, injury free miles in 2012!

  15. YES what a fantastic year for you Christy!! Happy New Year, I can't wait to see what awesome running adventures you have in 2012. It's been great following your journey.

    You have had countless PRs and your races have continued to just amaze me with what you accomplish!

    Yes, hooray for us running nurses!! :)

  16. Wow! It's gonna be hard for 2012 to top that! That's one fantastic year you had!

  17. What a great year! Congrats on all you've accomplished as well as managing to inspire all of us. Happy New Year.

  18. You have had such a fantastic year! I hope that 2012 is even more amazing for you!

  19. What a great year! Cant wait to see how 2012 plays out for you! happy new year and so glad you started blogging!

  20. What an awesome year! You had so many impressive pr's... great work! I look forward to seeing what 2012 holds for you- happy new year!

  21. Congratulations on an awesome year!! 2012 should be a good one!

  22. I would say that was a pretty awesome year!


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