Friday, December 30, 2011

Things Running Has Taught Me About Invincibility

I am invincible
I can have weeks of running that feel AMAZING. 
I can PR at every distance I race in a 4 month span of time.
I can run a race faster than I ever thought I could .
and feel great doing it.
One week after my knee puffed up I ran a half marathon and got a new PR
I went into some races feeling unsure of how I would do and smashed PRs.
I finally raced a 5k and a 5 mile with splits under 7 minute miles,
 that had always seemed like a huge barrier to me
Barriers are made to be broken.
You can't keep this girl down!

I am not invincible
Over the summer I had problems with my hamstrings.
 My right knee puffed up so big I could hardly walk.
After my half marathon in September I had some shin type pain on and off all fall. 
Back pain left me grounded for awhile too.
I went into some races feeling great, but ran feeling low on energy and ran slower than I knew I could.
I can have weeks of running that feel like a struggle the whole way.
There always seems to be a barrier in the way.
Running can be hard on my body.

Okay, so I may not be invincible,
but those runs where I feel like it sure makes up for the days I don't feel invincible!

Tell me about a time you felt invincible this year.
Tell me about a time you didn't feel so invincible.


  1. Great post! I didn't feel invincible at all when I had to hobble home after I injured myself last winter training for Boston, but sure felt great breaking 20 in the 5k about 68 weeks after the marathon!

    Happy New Year to you!!

  2. I felt invincible almost all of May and June and also during a 12 hour endurance run in September. In May and June I set my 5k PR 3 times (twice in 3 days after racing a grueling 1/2 Mary 3 days before the first). At the endurance run I was hoping to do 25 and finished with 35! Mentally I wanted to keep going but finally realized my body was done! I had broken my distance PR by 12 miles!!

  3. I have mostly not felt invincible this year, but plan to turn that around for next year when I will be invincible lots and lots!

  4. You probably could have guessed this, but I felt absolutely invincible during my 3:30:41 Rehoboth Beach marathon, after mile 20!

  5. Great post.
    I felt invincible during the half Ironman. Even though it was hot and things weren't going my way, I was still moving forward and still got a PR to go with my bee sting. heehee
    Bad stomach pain sidelined me in the spring and summer making most runs miserable. I didn't feel so invincible then, but it made me tough.

  6. You've had a great racing year, and I'm sure 2012 will be just as generous to you :) happy new year.

  7. I have felt less than invincible too many times this year. Next year is gonna be so much better health-wise!

    I am happy that you had such a wonderful year.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2012.

  8. I love this post Christy! you are really special. I sometimes think that I'll never be able to achieve some of the running goals I have laid out for me....including completing a full marathon. However I love the idea that maybe I will be able to :)

    I don't know if I'v ever felt invincible....looking forward to the feeling

  9. maybe not totally invincible, but you are an awesome runner!!

    I felt invincible running my half and totally taken back when didnt finish. All I look forward to is the future and I love it!

  10. invincible - ran for 2 years without an injury & ran the furthest I've ran before (16 miles)!

    not so invincible - came down with an achilles injury that put me out for 2 months then topped it off with a high risk pregnancy (still no running)

    Kiley @ Daily Vitamin F

  11. invincible: holiday half marathon PR
    not invincible: Long Beach half marathon..low point of my running year

    happy new year!

  12. SO true! My goodness, I have had incredible runs/workouts where I feel the sky is the limit! Others where I feel defeated, but isn't that what life is all about?! Perfect post for the end of 2011! Happy New Year and here's hoping 2012 brings you LOTS of joy and accomplishments! You certainly inspire ME!

  13. you've had a great 2011 and i'm sure 2012 will bring more of the same! this is a great post, short and sweet and SO TRUE. sometimes running can put you on top of the world, others not so much!

  14. Invincible---setting a half-marathon PR in the heat of July on a hilly course in Colorado Springs!

    Not invincible (and in fact humble)--bonking in the Top of Utah Marathon and walking A LOT


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