Sunday, March 4, 2012

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I have to admit it is supposed to be almost 60 degrees here and I have a long run today. I am so excited, now if the wind just keeps it down to a dull roar.  

My little sister left early this morning, I am going to miss her so much.  It has been so fun having her here.  Now her and her little family are off to ultimately Tunisia for the next couple of years.  That is so far away and I don't know when I will get to see her again.

I didn't run yesterday, but I did get in a good interval workout on the elliptical. Felt pretty good, but is never quite the same as running. The good thing about it is that I can read the latest issue of Runner's World while I am on it.  Bad thing is that my kids come in and bug me all the time, fighting, hungry, thirsty, etc. 

So today wind or no I am looking forward to a couple of nice hours outside with no distractions :)

What are you looking forward to today?


  1. 6O degrees, I want your temps please. I am so tired of all the wind we have been having here. Wind on top of the chilly temps I am not feeling like getting beat up by the wind or the temp lately. Sorry your sister and her family are moving so far away. My twin sister moved to New York for 6 months. Before we were both married. That was the first time we had ever been apart. I thought I was going to die. My parents came and lived with me for a month. I was not doing well at all without her. Than her and her boyfriend decided to move back. Thank God. Is she your only sister?

  2. My day's nearly over! The whole weekend has rushed past in a crazy blur! Sounds like you had a great time with your sister - such a shame she's moving so far away. Hope you get to visit her at some point...

  3. I am looking forward to relaxing and reading a book. That's after I clean the house, of course. I know what you mean about your sister being so far away. Mine has been in Europe for 8 years and she is finally coming home in June. She'll still be far (Washington state) but now it is a phone call or plane ride away that costs less than a grand! hang in there!

  4. I read my new runners world yesterday too:) I always get so excited when it comes in the mail! Have a great run!

  5. Sorry to hear it's time for your sister to leave! I know you will miss her. Have a great long run today!

    Congrats Laima!

  6. I didn't run yesterday either.......I'd run every other day this week, so I wanted a little break before my 14 mile run this morning!

  7. I haven't been running at all :( and congrats!!!!

    please keep voting xoxoxox

  8. Yay! Thanks, I'll email my info to you.


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