Monday, June 18, 2012

Heart and Sole 10k Race Recap

This is the second time I have done this 10k, it was my first 10k last year and it left me feeling a little humbled.  I went into it this year with a little more strategy..I think...

My plan was to not do the first mile too fast and die halfway through.  It is really hard since the course has a downhill start and everyone takes off just as fast as they can.  I felt like everyone was flying by me, and worried I was going too slow. 

Mile 1 was 6:50.  Last year it was 6:38, so definitely improvement there, as far as not going out too fast. It was still a little faster than I wanted.  My goal pace for the race was 7:10.

Mile 2 is harder than the first mile since it introduces some pretty good hills.  Okay really just one good hill and a couple smaller ones.  Time 7:24 and was wondering at this point if I was going to be hating the race later since I was feeling tired. 

Mile 3 was pretty flat and I passed quite a few people that had started out too fast, but still was not really feeling the race.  Guessing all this marathon training has left me with tired legs..(ready for taper)! Time 7:20  Still behind goal pace :(

Mile 4 started another uphill portion and here is where I started feeling better, all the hills I run on were paying off as I passed another couple of people..including the girl who beat me by two seconds in a 5 mile race last month.  HA! Time 7:17

Mile 5 I felt pretty good here, the pace felt good and I continued to pick off another couple of people.  As soon as I passed someone I moved my eyes to the next person and reeled them in. It feels so much better to pass than be passed :)  7:07

Mile 6  We run up 4 levels of a parking garage.  Okay it might only be 3 but at this point in the race it feels like 10.  I was feeling good though and passed chicked three guys in the garage.  Then we come out run through a tunnel and hallelujah it is downhill the rest of the way. Time 7:18.  I really thought this mile would be faster, but I guess all that uphill in the garage killed me more than I thought.

The last .24 was at 6.08 pace and I got passed by two 

Official time and garmin time 44:43 which average to a 7:09 pace for 6.24 miles measured on the Garmin or a 7:11 for 6.2 race distance miles.

I was thrilled to see a girl who always blows my socks off is now one age group up and I won't have her in my age group again until my birthday in November.  :) 

I was first in my age group and 9th female overall.  Last year I was 2nd in my age group and 9th female overall.  Funny. and last year I was about 37 secomds slower.  It also felt better this year.

They had popscicles, bagels, oranges, bananas, lots of water and even beer at the finish line.  There was also a health fair going on and lots with peanut butter sandwiches from Wheat Montana, Pop Chips, and yes even hot off the grill bites of steak.

I hung around after the race and helped at the Montana Beef Council booth passing out spice rubs, recipes and samples of grilled flank steak. 

They had an awards ceremony only for the top finishers in the 5k and 10k, age group awards are supposed to be mailed out this week. 

Overall a pretty great race.  Well organized, very well supported lots of volunteers and they had about 3,000 enter this year, which is a record for the race.  I give it a two thumbs up.

I also give a two thumbs up to my last LONG run before my first marathon :)  22 miles this morning in 3:18.  Feels so good to have it done.  I waited until almost 7 this morning to get running so that I could run in about the same weather I will be running in  (hopefully) in Missoula.  High fifties and sixties.

It didn't feel too bad.  I did come home and down two large glasses of ice water.  Nuun is great and all but I was craving water!

How was your weekend?  Did you race?


  1. Your race ends in a parking garage? That sounds so cruel!

    I raced a 5 miler that was pretty great because I just ran it and had fun pacing a friend...who ended up beating me. Oh well!

  2. What a great 10k girl. You did awesome. Love that the Beef Council was there to. Congrats on tapering time. I'm actually one that likes tapering time. So glad mine is over and now it time to celebrate this summer. Believe it or not we already decided to run Little Rock marathon in march of 2013. I'm not a PR girl but I love that bling. Little Rock is supposed to have the bling the size of a small plate. How can I resist that.

  3. What was the time? do I have to add all those miles up :P lol and WOW I can't believe you ran a 22 miler the next day in just over 3hrs!!! I can't wait to see what your marathon time will be.....any time goals you're aiming for??

  4. Wow good job on the race...and the 22 miler! 3:18!? That is fast!

  5. A 3:18 twenty-two miler? Girl ... I think you've got this! You are prepared! I can't wait to read about the MARATHON!

    Congrats on your age-group placement. Enjoyed the race recap!

  6. A parking garage?? That's crazy!
    Fabulous 10K and 22 miler - you are ready to go.
    20 miles here in 3:15 - more than good enough for me in all this summer heat!

  7. Congrats on the new PR and first in your age group. You rock!

  8. You are a rockstar! First in your age group: WOOT! Awesome!

    And 22 miles? I'd have died. Seriously: You. ROCK!


  9. Congrats - you are amazing!!! I honestly think 10ks are about the hardest distance to race!

  10. Congrats on your race but honestly I'm marveling at your time for your 22 miles! You are going to rock that marathon - cannot wait to see what you do!

  11. I may be late to the game, but i had no idea you were THAT fast. excellent pace, especially with all the hills. Embrace not having to race that girl till next birthday :)

  12. Congrats on the finish!! And the long run too! Your time is awe inspiring. I didn't race this past weekend but the weekend before I ran my first ultra :) Spent this week with recovery runs and strength training.

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  13. Congrats on the race and the PR! Still think it's hilarious that you end in parking garage, that is awesome. Sounds like there were great treats at the finish line too.

  14. Was it hot in the parking garage? Great time and good strategy--sticking to your plan will serve you well in your marathon.

  15. You are simply amazing! 10k AND 22 miles? Great race and an awesome time!

  16. You just keep getting faster and faster! For some reason I don't think you are excited to be done with your last long run before the taper because you do so darn well and seem to enjoy them! I can't wait to see how well you do in your marathon!! NICE WORK!!

  17. Congrats on an impressive 10k on tired marathon-training legs! That's awesome- hills and all! Enjoy the taper. :)

  18. congrats on your first place!!

  19. Love when the age groups change up, I will be the youngest again next year, but not looking forward to actually being 30...YIKES!

  20. Awesome race Christy! It looks like your strategy worked well for you. I always love it when my strategies lead to success. I can't believe you had to run up a parking garage? Really? That does not sound like fun!

  21. Awesome race! I remember you talking about the parking garage last year - that's still odd. But, great job!

    Wow, your last LR is done!! Congratulations on your training!!!!

  22. Congratulations on winning your age group and getting your last long run in!

  23. Congrats on an amazing how you beat your time by so much from last year-- you've gotten so strong! You have GOT this marathon. No question.

    What an incredible last long run, you should have so much confidence going into your marathon!!

  24. Way to go speedy lady! Don't you love passing all the people who started out too fast:) SO fun! I realize for some reason I have been missing your posts:( So sad! Love your last pic!


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