Saturday, June 2, 2012


 I had a pretty crappy run on Wednesday, so I was a little cautious but optimistic about my run on Friday.  I decided to do my favorite run.  It starts at my Grandma's house which my kids love, since they love to hang with my Grandma.

I started pretty slow and easy and took a lot of pictures of the wildflowers in bloom and this old granary.  It has always kind of freaked me out a little although it has never been in use in my lifetime.
 The grain trucks would have to BACK up that long wooden ramp.  I started driving that kind of truck when I was 13, except all I ever hauled was big round bales. The thought of backing up that ramp gives me the shivers.  Do you see how far it is down if you get a wheel off the edge? 

There were so many wild flowers blooming, including this pretty little daisy.

I kept the first 6 miles pretty slow which was easy since most of the way was slightly uphill.  Here is a collage of pictures I took on the way out.
I decided to push it on the way back and see how the legs were feeling.  I kept the pace 10-20 seconds under goal marathon pace for the way back and felt GREAT! It felt like my reset button

I felt so redeemed after the crappy long run this week.  Hip is feeling good, legs feel good and next time I will wear sunscreen.  I might have got a bit of a sunburn on my arms and shoulders.  At least I had sunscreen on my face!

Then I took the kids to the park in town for a playdate.  Overall a great day.

This morning I got up and started running before the sun came up and was suprised by how much get up and go my legs had.  My warm up miles lately have been 9:20ish pace.  This morning it was 8:30ish so I threw in some intervals.

400s x 6 at 6:10 pace
800s x 2 at 6:40 pace
400s x 2 at 6:25 pace

and a cooldown.  Felt great, loved watching the sun come up and felt AWESOME.  Even though I wanted to keep running I called it a day a 7 miles.  So hopefully my long run this week will go a lot smoother than the last.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. So pretty! I am always jealous of the gorgeous places you run :)

  2. That looks like a great run! I love watching the sun rise. Also, your intervals are quite speedy!

    I hate it when I have a run where I am just not feeling it. Last week was a little like that. I did some intervals but just felt sluggish. I am hoping that a rest today will bring me back to feeling good tomorrow!

  3. That is so gorgeous. Such an amazing juxtaposition from those snowy pics the other day!!! So glad you had an awesome redemption run :)

  4. Love the pics.
    Glad to hear you are had some feel good runs this week.
    Hope your long run treats you well.

  5. you have so much to look at to entertain you during the run.

    I see you've been making some great use out of picmonkey hehe

  6. Good to hear that you had a redemption run! Hope your long run will be just as successful. Love the scenery where you are. It is beautiful!

  7. What a beautiful place to run. It helps that you felt great too.

  8. So glad you had a great run:) beautiful pics as always.

  9. I glad you are feeling it again. You take amazing pictures. To be able to look at that view everyday is amazing, of course not that snow you had last week. You can keep that.

  10. You are such an inspiration! When I read a post like this one I want to go straight out and run in the countryside!

    (unfortunately, it's 11:15pm here and throwing it down with rain)

  11. Beautiful photos! I knew you'd be "back" quickly. And I'm glad they're not using that granary any more.

  12. I love a good redemption run after having a crappy workout. They are always the best feeling in the world. I love the pictures....I take it your snow is all gone from the other day?

  13. wow - what a beautiful run! I can see why that would leave you feeling recharged. I'm glad you got your groove back!

  14. Every time I hear about your life outside of running, I just think how foreign it is to me. It's so different, but also so awesome!

  15. I love the photos! So beautiful!!

    I am so happy your run went better than the one earlier last week. And I'm happy that your hip is cooperating! I'm looking forward to a nice recharging run this week after my crappy 14 miler... I love how one run can be terrible and the next day swing a 180 and be the best ever. :)

  16. Isn't it awesome when you are feeling so good working out? I love that! I hope one day I can enjoy running like I do biking and swimming!


  17. Beautiful pictures! Looks like another great run in the books for you.


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