Monday, June 25, 2012

Motivation Monday: Getting Healthy for Marathon

I started feeling a little cruddy last Thursday.  Sort of just an inkling and I hoped I was wrong.  Friday, I started feeling that tightness in my chest and by Saturday I was pretty sure I was going to be having a date with the Kleenex box soon.  Sure enough Saturday night I was so congested I woke up in the middle of the night laboring to breath.  Not in a I have to go to the hospital kind of way but  more work than normal and enought that it woke me up.

I got up and attempted my 8 mile run Sunday morning anyway. During the first mile I stopped several times just to try and get in enough oxygen and finally hacked up a big mucus plug.  I breathed a lot easier after that and slogged through 4 more miles, but I decided 8 would be crazy.

I went to a brunch at my aunts house and a cup of tea at my parent's house finally was back home around 10:30 and crashed for about 4 hours.  I woke up and wallowed around on the couch for awhile feeling sorry for myself and then went back to bed around 8:30.

I feel alot better this morning and thankfully this is not a workday. 

Thankfully I still have 13 days to get to feeling back to my normal self before I am toeing the line of my first ever marathon. Since I am in taper mode I am not too concerned about lost miles at this point.  My long run today was planned for 10 miles. I went out and with the help of some Advil Congestion relief I got it done and felt pretty good doing it.  Although I was ready to cut it short if I felt like I needed to.

Stupid, maybe.  I have to admit it felt better than sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself.  I was a hot sweaty mess once I got done. I didn't get going until after 8:30 and it was starting to get warm out.  It is supposed to get up to 100 today. 

There was some intermittant cloud cover, but I am trying to embrace the heat.  Since the marathon in Missoula could be warm I am thinking it would be better to get acclimated than to try and avoid it.  Although I would rather avoid it.

I am thinking a nap my be in order again today :)

Yesterday my son walked up to me and said "hey Mom I was wondering what this was" and held up a tick for my inspection.

I told him it was a tick and the best thing to do was to flush it down the toilet.  "Huh" he said "This is the second one I have found on me today"  I asked what he had done with the first one and he told me he had "gave it a flick".  He was apparently sitting in the living room and felt it crawling on his head.

Instead of freaking myself out I choose to believe the one he brought me was the same one he had found earlier.  I did give him and my daughter the once over just to double check.  I have to admit I was too sick yesterday to really care much about it though.

I don't want to be one of those moms that freak out about those things anyway, it just teaches your kids to be freaker outers.  Unless it is a spider and then it is okay to freak out.


  1. Hope you've nipped whatever illness was starting - get lots of rest!! And feel better soon!

  2. Ugh, being sick is the worst... but it sounds like this is the ideal time for you, all the hard work is done for the marathon, and missing an extra run here or there isn't going to hurt anything. Hope you're feeling better today!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is never fun, but it especially sucks when you're in a marathon training cycle.

  4. Get in a nap for sure. Yikes on the tick front! I have to say I may have been a freaker outer on that one. I've never seen one in real life.

  5. "mucus plug" GAG! Glad you're on the mend. That ten mile run might not have been the smartest, but I probably would have done the same thing.

    I tend not to freak out about ticks, but they do give me the creepy crawlies. Why are they so much grosser than other bugs?

  6. Feel better, sweetie! I'll be thinking of you!


  7. Lots of fruit and rest :) you've still got two weeks so definitely no need to panic yet. Hurrah for being close to your race! x

  8. Vitamin C -- take lots.

    I think your approach on the tick was good -- not sure I could have done it though. yuck.

  9. Ewww, ticks! Gross! Sorry, I am a freaker outer about ticks. Spiders, nah...don't bother me, but ticks? Ewwww. And, to be honest, I haven't ever even had one on me....that I know of, but they just really gross me out. I recently found out that Wisconsin (where I live) is pretty much the one state in the US that has complete tick coverage, not spotty, not sporadic, complete. I am amazed I haven't had a close encounter yet.

    Hope you feel better soon! It sounds like the timing on your cold is pretty good given the givens. Have fun with your marathon!

  10. Ick. Ticks creep me out. I guess they are bad in our area right now and it is keeping me from the trails because I am so afraid. Rest up and I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Yuck! I hate ticks!! We have a few here...I am certain that you just found the same one twice.
    Get better- lots of rest and fluids.

  12. Definitely rest up! You have worked way to hard preparing for your marathon! You are more than ready and even if it means missing a few runs you are going to do amazing anyway! Hope you are feeling better soon. I have never seen a tick before but I have seen horror stories about them on the Animal Planet and how they can be deadly if not taken care of.

  13. I hate ticks. Paddy Wag has it and I am afraid I have to change her flea/tick meds. I want to keep her indoors but that puppy needs to be outside playing. She is a happier dog when she gets to run and play and swim in the pond. Personally, I hate fleas more than ticks though. It seems like fleas always win. :)

    Rest up and I hope you get to feeling better soon. At least you are sick during taper and the bulk of the training is pretty much over. Rest up. :)

  14. Ick on the ticks. I'd probably be calm on the outside and totally grossed out on the inside. We dealt with lice twice and I held it together and thankfully my daughter didn't freak out either.

    Rest up. You've got plenty of time.

  15. Ticks FREAK me out!!!! If I ever get one on me I will probably scream like someone is trying to murder me. I applaud you for keeping your cool.

    I hope that you can get some relief from your nasty congestion. It seems to be going around, but luckily it sounds like you will be well recovered by race day.

  16. I feel your pain, came down with a summer cold on Thursday and I have my first triathlon Saturday morning. I'm ready for mine to be gone now!!

    Good luck with kicking yours in the pants!

  17. Glad you are feeling somewhat better today!

    The ticks we have here tend to carry Lyme so we have to be careful out in the wilds!

  18. Ticks are the only living creatures that deserve waterboarding. I have always allowed my offspring to torture them...i.e. toilet waterboarding of ticks, squashing them with rocks, burning them. You know, healthy family-bonding type activities.

  19. Funny, I find myself checking for ticks as I respond. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy the Marathon! My first was in 1980, I still remember it like it was yesterday! Have a great run!

  20. ahhhh ticks. At least the ones with the yellow U on the back are dog/wood ticks - not carriers of lyme disease. I think it's great that he got it before it was in him. I HATE ticks. You always have to be sure to get that head out of you lol

    I'm not an over-reactor either.....I usually wait to see what's happening and then choose what to do from there. :) feel better xoxoox it most liking the impacts of your training. take a nice break and resume when ready :)

  21. "freaker outers" !! HAHAHA, that's a good way to put it. You're right tho, I think kids learn what to get all worked up about from their parents. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to stuff. I had a tick get IN MY BIKE SHORTS while I was on a ride back in March. I'm still wondering how in the heck that happened.

    When we were in Montana a few weeks ago we almost went to Missoula. They have a great carousel there! Have you been to it?

  22. I'm sure you will be feeling 100% by marathon day - you're so lucky it happened now and not next week!

    And, ick on ticks.

  23. Definitely take naps and vitamin c and whatever else will get you healthy!
    You have a marathon's booty to kick soon. :-)
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Ticks are gross, I hate them but I'm with ya, definitely no reason to freak out. It's just a bug.

  24. I hope you get better soon! I was sick a couple weeks ago and I am still experiencing some remnants. But I feel fine; I just sound like crap. I am glad you did not freak out, as I am of the thought that you are right about the parents influencing the kids. As long as they realize that ticks CAN carry disease, so they need to be careful and let you know. Otherwise there is not really a lot else you can do!


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