Monday, June 11, 2012

Motivation Monday: New Music

The two most recent additions to my iPod playlists.

Back in Time by Pitbull from the Men in Black III soundtrack.  I think this is a great motivating and get moving song.  If I elect to do the 10k this weekend it will be one of the songs I will be using to keep me moving.

and this one by Eric Church, Springsteen is just a great cruising long run song.  One of my favorite songs right now.

I am thinking they will both be on my marathon playlist in 26 days and 16 hours.

I did my long run today and decided to do 16 but ended up only doing 14.2 since I had told my grandma I would be there at 9 to get the kids.  I guess I should have got my butt out the door just a little earlier.  I am not going to worry about the other 1.8 miles too much.

Next week will be my last long run...YAY!

Yesterday I did 8x 800s  on a rather hilly terrain

I went by effort rather than time.  You can tell where the hills were biggest!  I felt great though and was surprised at how good I felt today after yesterday.

Tomorrow will be a rest day.

What have you added to your running playlist recently?
What is your favorite marathon running song?


  1. Oh I love that new Pitbull song! And I love that the original song in the background is from Dirty Dancing!!!

  2. Ooh, I haven't heard that yet - need to check it out!
    I always have My Chemical Romance (Dead and Black Parade are my must haves). Also Cheap Trick 'Surrender' because I am cheesy.
    If you run the 10K I hope it's a great run.
    BTW, I have family in Missoula and Polson - I SO want to run that marathon!

  3. This weekend my favorite song that came on was "Walk It Out"...this used to be the song they would play when i went to bat during my college softball days so it absolutely pumped me up!! you rocked the hilly repeats! 26 days!!!!!!! wwoooo hoooooooo!

  4. I love pitbull! Always gets me moving a little faster!

    I can't believe you only have one more long run left. I'm so excited for your marathon debut! :)

  5. New to your blog...and loving it! I am so in need of new additions to my running playlists. Mine are super old and super stale! I will be adding both of your suggestions. Definitely need new tunes to run to. I will be training later this summer to run my first marathon hopefully this fall!

  6. Loving that song from Men in Black. It's really fun. One of my favorite songs is Standing out in a Crowd by Trisha Yearwood. It's country but has a good long run beat and a great message.
    Nice repeats!

  7. NICE 800's!!! And on hills, madness!

  8. I just added The Fighter - Gym CLass Heroes to my playlist. I love that song!

    You should head over to my won my giveaway! :-)

  9. i agree with sarah, fighter is the best! i am loving springsteen right now now too! i love country music in the summer!

  10. I'm so glad you posted this because I haven't added ANYTHING recently and I'm getting sick of my current list (I *require* music on the recumbent bike....) Pitbull is the man. Love it. And I'm going to read the comments here for some more ideas.

  11. I love this Pitbull song! I just added we are young* and *i'm still standing* by Elton John - totally random! Running past a convertible today, I heard someone blasting the "if you're going through hell, keep on going" country song, just as I was running up the long hill in my training run. Perfect timing!

  12. I love the Pitbull song; adding it to my playlist as we speak. (I kept forgetting previously.) While I like the Springsteen song, I think it's too slow for me. I like a super fast beat. By the way, check out Walk by the Foo Fighters. I LOVE IT!


  13. Love that Pitbull song! I'll have to add that one to the playlist!

    Can't believe you only have one more long run!

  14. speedy 800s, nice job! I love when people post songs so I can find some new jams! Right now I'm loving the fighter by gym class heroes and ryan tedder. Gets me pumped up and that "i can do anything" feeling

  15. I need some new music. I've been so lazy to get some things going that I've resorted to listening to Pandora when I run.

    You're getting so close!

  16. Great job on your miles! You are awesome.

    I'm also a fan of Springsteen. I love hearing my little girls sing along with the song. It's a good one.

  17. I just added Back in Time (Pitbull, Dance Again (J Lo feat Pitbull)and Let's Go (Calvin Harris Ft. Ne Yo. I don't really have a favorite marathon song. Your marathon is so close. I know you are going to do really well!! Have a great rest day :)

  18. I never run to music but I always like to see what other people are listening to.

  19. Two of my favorite songs!
    Great training. You are getting close, keep up the good work.

  20. During this past weekend's 10K in the heat, the Fugazi song Shut the Door came on (Hubby had modified my playlist for his 100-miler)....There was something about the lyrics that made me laugh at the time....

    She's not breathing
    She's not moving
    She's not coming back
    I burn a fire to stay cool
    I burn myself, I am the fuel
    I never meant to be cruel

    It still makes me laugh.... Man, it's funny how sometimes song lyrics just fit the moment even without intending to. :)

  21. I like that Pitbull song! Good job on your long run and your speed work. I think its fine that you didn't do 20, since you have done several 20+ runs already! I think you are ready to go!

  22. I LOVE that Eric Church song! It is great! I am so excited for you to run Missoula. Obviously now you have about 25 ish days left. Woohoo! :-)

  23. I like that Pitbull song too. My favorite songs to run to these days are:
    B.o.B (Featuring Hayley Williams) – Airplanes, Green Day – She’s a Rebel, Jorge Quintero – 300 Violin Orchestra, Katy Perry – Firework, Muse – Uprising,and Nicki Minaj – Starships.


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