Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  It's getting hot out there. It is supposed to get up to 100 degrees on Monday.  Bleh.  I bet about a week from now I will start obsessively tracking Missoula's weather for the marathon.  Not that it will make a difference, but at least I can mentally prepare.  I have been reading on running in the heat and working to get heat acclimated. 

I could have run at 5 this morning and avoided the heat, but I elected to wait until 7:30 to run and then spent an hour pulling weeds out of my weedpatch garden.  It was not hot by any means but it was warmer than it has been.

1.1  Race picture from Saturday

2. Yesterday I go to assist in the baby making process.  The surgery center where I work started doing intro-fertilization last year.  I have mostly avoided it because I am an orthopedic surgery kind of nurse.  Bones, joints, things like that.  Yesterday it was finally my turn to help with oocyte retrievals.  Everything they do is on a screen so you can see what is going on.  I saw a lot of potential babies yesterday (eggs)  get harvested. 

 I am not going to go into the ethics of it all, but it was really neat to see.  Good luck to all the hopeful mommies.  I was blessed with getting to babies very easily.

  3.  I am starting to think about the marathon A LOT.  Things like
  • what kind of time goals do I want to have
  • how much will I hate taper
  • should I bring my own water since I am so used to running with some
  • how many gels/chomps/chews etc am I going to need, should I bring extra
  • will I be able to sleep the night before
  • is it going to be too hot
  • what should I listen to? Podcasts, nothing, music, audio book, or a big combination.
  • Which socks/skirt/shoes should I wear.  The shirt and bra are easy (Team Beef/Handful)
and on and on.

I am trying to not worry about the things I will have no control over and instead take care of the things I can.

I keep wanting to get packed, but maybe it is still a bit early for that.  I just don't want to forget anything critical!

I think I should worry less and start making a list and checking it twice!


  1. I really love that Team Beef jersey. Beef is delicious.

    And I've still not packed for Seattle this weekend. I think you have puh-lenty of time, clearly.

  2. Yup! You have plenty of time to decide exactly what to do...and then change everything you decide on!! I'd say bring your own water bottle (you never know if you'll hit a wall hard and need it before a station), bring extra chews, gels, etc., and pack your iPod with podcasts and music you want to hear (you can always turn it off if you want silence, but you can't turn it on if you bring it because you thought you wanted silence...).

  3. I am getting very excited for you to run your marathon Christy. You have trained hard, you are a very smart runner, and you are ready! I know this is much easier said than done but I truly think the most important thing you can do is stay calm and relax. Trust in your training, you are ready. Oh and based on your 5k/10k/HM times if I were to throw a time at you I would say you are very capable of sub-3:30.

    1. I would like to think I am...I am just not sure about it being a realistic first marathon goal. I also think the weather may be warmer than is ideal for me to throw a sub 3:30 time. I will just have to see what my body has in store! It makes me so nervous to even talk about such a fast time.

  4. From your posts, it seems like you have had quite a stellar training. Like many others, I think you are ready for the marathon. I cannot wait to read about it!

  5. Deciding what to wear, how much to eat, whether to bring water and obsessing over the weather is what taper time is all about! :) you've done the hard part, so enjoy your marathon. I'm so excited for you and cannot wait to read all about your first marathon!!

  6. You are more than capable of a sub 3:30 and I am quite excited to see how well you do!!!! I love the outfit you wore in your race photo above. Maybe you should wear the skirt as well, since you are def wearing the shirt!

  7. Wow, it is really getting hot! That's a great shot of you from the race. You look very strong and focused!

  8. I am so excited to read about your marathon! It is coming up so soon!
    You know I share your love for ortho surgeries, but that oocyte retrieval is amazing!! I would love to be able to do something like that!

  9. That's a great pic! It's tough getting adjusted to the heat and I've been doing the same thing to get used to it and begin to make progress. While running in the afternoon heat isn't ideal, it does help.

    Can't believe your race is almost here! You can really drive yourself crazy prerace trying to plan and prepare, but sometimes you just gotta take a deep breath in and just let all those thoughts go with your exhale. You've got all the important basis already covered, everything else is just filler. No matter what color your top is race day, your body will still be prepared as all heck and you'll kill it!

  10. You are ready! I agree that you may very well run super fast, but I think you should just focus on enjoying the experience. Then you can sign up for a chilly fall race and really rip it.

  11. Oh yes, I am a listmaker too. Have been since I could write, I think!

    Send some of that heat farther West please!

  12. Wow, your job is exciting! Love the race photo. You look like a B.A.

    Enjoy taper time! It's so nerve wracking, right? If it gets too hot, adjust your goals, but I think you can rock something in the low 3:20-25 range! Don't carry your own water, that will be too heavy, and wear on your arms after 2 hours.

  13. Hot weather is coming again, you say? Sweet Christ... I best bike my ass off this weekend!



  14. OMG, that is the coolest thing ever to help with the harvesting process at your job. Awesome.

    I'll take some of your heat too. Just a little though, ok?

  15. I would bring your water, especially if you are already comfortable doing it and you know it'll be a scorcher. I always thought people who brought their own water to races were kind of crazy UNTIL I ran in the blazing heat in Nashville in April. I was taking water bottles from strangers and downing them in between stops. It was nice to be able to run and take small sips instead of having to slosh myself at every water stop and be afraid that I wasn't getting enough.

  16. It's hot here in Alabama, too! I can't wait for your marathon-so looking forward to that post. :)


  17. I'm with you on the heat. 100%! You are so ready, I couldn't wait for you to run a marathon before you even announced it :) The only advice I'd offer is on the water bottle - I always train with water and carry it myself, but I never do for a race. Most races, even the tiny ones, have frequent aid stations that are well-staffed and don't run out….plus, with where you will be in the spectrum of runners, I think it's safe to say they'll still have water! Anyway, that's my opinion because I want to carry as little as possible on race day and not have to deal with the weight and bulk and filling it up.

    That's cool that you got to see the babies being made - I didn't even know you were a nurse!

  18. Definitely make your list then you won't worry about forgetting things as much:) YOu are so ready for this and I am so excited for you! Way to get acclimated to the heat!

  19. I don't see anything wrong with packing and/or making a list now! Then, like you said, you are less likely to forget anything!! There's nothing wrong with being prepared!


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