Saturday, June 9, 2012

What was I thinking?

I made a new header for my blog using PicMonkey, not really sure why it won't go all the way across the screen not matter what I do or what kinds of photos I use, probably has something to do with the template design?  I don't know.  I am not all that tech savvy and am tired of fussing with it.

Ugh.  I am a liar.  I know I wanted to believe it.  I wrote earlier that I only had one long run to go and then taper....I have two.  2 more.  I don't want to.  I know it is all mental, but here I have been going along believing all week that all I have left is one more long run.  It seemed so easy to get it done and start the taper. 

Taper!  That word is starting to seem a little magical.  Like it is never going to get here.  Like a mirage on the horizon playing with my head. 

 I am thinking of just doing 16 miles this week and then 22 next week for my last two long runs.  I am not really following a set plan.  I am loosely following a SmartCoach plan from Runners World on my iPad, but modifying it to fit around my life, work, kids, etc. 

I think I got a week off somewhere because I did 23 miles last week and was supposed to do 16...oops, my bad. 

I got up and ran early this morning in the rain.  It felt so good and the air smelled so sweet.  I was going to do a tempo run, but could see my Garmin was on the "hanging by a thread" end of the battery life so I decided to go for progressive till it died and then just push the pace after that.

~I knew I should have plugged it in last night!~

It died 3.44 miles in to the run.  I ran a little farther and then turned around for a total of about 7 miles.  I was nice to not be watching the Garmin the whole time  and just enjoy the rain and the sweet air.

I had to drive an HOUR just to get my Bountiful Basket today because I was in such a hurry to order on Monday I clicked the wrong site and didn't notice until I received my confirmation receipt in my email.

~I should have paid more attention!~

Really it was a pretty good day
  • BBQ at a friends house
  • early morning run
  • awesome 18 minute HIIT workout
  • quiet time now while the kids are with their Dad
  • got a great Bountiful Basket and a nice quiet drive with a good book on tape
I stole my own Instagram photo just so this post wouldn't be pictureless.  Lazy I know, but check out the sweat shining on my forehead here after my 18 minute HIIT workout. 

What do you think of my long run plan?  Smart?  Not so smart?  Should I just buck up, quit whining,  and do a 20 this week?


  1. I don't know. You've done a crapload of long runs already. You have the 20 miler, a 16 then 26.2? How many 20+ runs have you done already? I know, I could go over to dailymile and stalk you/check it out.... my suggestion would be to listen to your body. Marathon training is hard and you're so close to the end.

  2. How do you look good after a workout? That's a good picture of you.

    It seems like you have been doing a lot of long runs! Hang in there.the training is almost over.

  3. That's a really cute picture of you. I feel like you've done a lot of pretty long runs too. I'm sure whatever you decide will work best for you.

  4. I get frustrated by things like headers not fitting properly :P I think your long run plan sounds fine :)

  5. Sounds like you are going to be great for your race! You are really getting in some long runs. :)
    Get ready for taper! I love to taper after a lot of long runs too.

  6. I just changed my header as well. I had some troubles getting it to fit properly and I had to play around with it to finally get it to fit correctly! Love the pics in new header!

  7. I think you should do what your head and your body are telling you to do and not worry about the 'plan' - you have run enough long runs to now do 26.2 without a problem.

    When I was training for my half, I really felt like I could have done 13.1 the day I was sheduled for 11. I did the 11 and then felt like crap for at least a week after that and never really got IT back before my event.

    Do what you FEEL. And you will be great. I know it.

    Love the new pics on your header. I think you need to just tell blogger what size you want it to be.

  8. for the header
    use shrink to fit
    I made mine and I made Sandy's (Boston bound brunette) using a software I have

  9. On the long runs, I'd wait and see how I felt closer to the "long run days". I think a minimum of three 18 or 20's would be good.

  10. You really have been kicking butt and taking names so I think you're ready but then again I am a stick to the plan person!!

    Love the header....not sure how to make it fit though!

  11. I was wondering about your taper since I knew your marathon is in July! Now it makes sense. I think your plan sounds fine. Your base seems really strong to me!

  12. So the marathon is a month away? I would do at least one more long run, maybe two depending on how my body felt.

  13. i haven't done a full so i have no advice to give, but you look great in that pic!

  14. You are beautiful! I would have never guessed that you'd just worked out in your instagram photo!

    I only did three 20 mile runs leading up to my marathons and I turned out OK, so don't feel too much pressure to do a ton more (can't keep track of how many you've done already!) But I would do them if you feel like your body is up for it! Don't want you to get injured this close to the end!! So if you start one, make sure you stop if you feel anything bad :)

  15. I don't have any good suggestions for training, but I know where you're coming from. It's funny, though, when taper comes, you'll just want to run, but you can't!

  16. I think you should do the 16 instead of the 20. You are so, so ready for this marathon. Those 4 miles won't matter on race day. :)

  17. Not that I know SQUAT about running, but I say listen to your body. If it CAN run, do it! :)

    Love the header, actually...


  18. I just re-did my header using PicMonkey (♥ that new program). At first, the size was weird for me, too. I found that re-sizing the picture in PicMonkey did the trick. I just changed the width to about 50 pixels less than the total width of my blog (i.e. my blog width is 1300, so I re-sized the pic to be 1250). Hope that helps. If that doesn't make sense, let me know. I can try to walk you through it.

    Good luck finishing your training.

  19. The long run plan is going to work fine. You're ready for Zoo-town!!! Oh and you look beautimous in your instagram photo.

  20. You might have already heard this but you need to make the image that is your blog header the same amount of pixels wide as your blog. You should be able to find how wide your blog is in your settings. Hopefully this helps...

  21. I like that photo! I feel like it is an ad for a musical -- "OOOOAK-La-HOMA!!!" As far as your run goes, I think it doesn't matter at this point. If you don't feel like doing a 20, don't do it. You have put in enough miles already; you are ready.

  22. I don't know if anyone weighed in on this but sometimes in blogger you have no choice but to constantly resize the banner until it fits.

    You can resize in picmonkey! It needs to be way longer - so keep playing with it ;)


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