Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random Tuesday Tidbits

 My Great Aunt Ginny gave me some flower bulbs about four years ago and I planted them around the house.  Shortly after that my husband decided to put weed matting and gravel down all around the house.  I wrote the bulbs off and goners.

This spring two tulip plants came up and one of them bloomed and then three Lily plants came up and they just bloomed this week.  Here are the yellow.

and the orange.
There is one more left to bloom and I think it will be orange.  I hope to find out soon! Now I want to plant more.  They are so pretty and make me happy.

 This little tree is an apple tree my cousin gave me when they moved to Wyoming.  My husband made fun of me for planting it because he was sure it was dead when I planted it.  Looks like it is making a pretty amazing comeback!
Maybe in another couple of years I can pick apples off of it.  If the deer leave it alone long enough.

  • Saw a big green snake on my run yesterday.  It was a good thing there were no vehicles coming because I did a pretty neat side jump to avoid stepping on it.
  • A semi forgot he was passing me on the interstate last week and MERGED while I was right beside it.  Luckily there was a big shoulder for me to move over onto.
  • My husband cut our hay Saturday while I was busy racing.  It looks like a sad hay crop compared to last years bumper crop.  
  • Costco had the best peaches this week.  I can't seem to eat enough of them.  YUM
What is one random thing in your life right now


  1. I would love an apple tree!! That's so awesome.

  2. Those flowers are beautiful! If I didn't live in an apartment I'd have a flower and veggie garden. Right now I only have an orchid in my place and an African violet in my office.

    I hope you get apples from your cute tree. That would be so cool to go outside and pick fruit :)

  3. Beautiful flowers. I love peaches - must go to Costco. Thanks!

  4. Those lilies are beautiful! I can't grow things, I kill plants dead. Boo.

    We bought 2 watermelons at Costco Sunday. They're gone now.

  5. Awesome suprise flowers :) I really need to get to Costco!

    Randomness for me.....I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new wetsuit....

  6. Random thing: I saw a guy driving the wrong way down a one-way street this morning (to continue the theme of bad drivers).

  7. Oh that little apple tree is so cute! I think sometimes they just need a change of scenery to perk up!

  8. Beautiful flower photos. Like the way you framed them.

    Random - Yesterday, my daughter came home from college for the summer. It's nice to have her home!

  9. That is so cool those flowers bloomed through the gravel. You must have very good soil in your area to be having such success.

    Random thing about me...I swore I would stop buying Mike and Ikes for some time and then I bought two jumbo packs yesterday. They are addictive.

  10. Those flowers are so pretty! Random thing in my life right now... I am off for two months before I have to go back to work again! WAHOO! Now I can keep up with all of my amazing blogger friends :)

  11. Random thing: I spent $2.99 on a PB&J sandwich for dinner (it's my night shift at work). I'm sort of ashamed at spending so much money on something I could make at home....but I didn't have one...and I really wanted it....

  12. Those lilies are so pretty! I'm really impressed that they still came up!

  13. I love lilies!!!!! mine have emerged this week as well.....though not through the gravel graves your hubs made ;) quite impressive!!!

    I love snakes, but I still scream every time I see one in the wild :)

    random thing - I just bought new shoes!!

  14. Those lilies are beautiful!

    Random: My brother drove his Klaus chopper to our Father's Day cookout... Can you say country? (Posted a photo of it on my blog.)

    Ran tonight. It was muggy, hot, and the air was thick. We cut it short.


  15. Those flowers look amazing. I love them.
    I hope you get to make a pie someday. Yum.

  16. Argh! Surprise snakes are the worst! I'm so glad that snakes are usually very rare where I live!

  17. SO glad the flowers are blooming! So beautiful. I don't hate snakes like most people. I think it's fun to see them. We get garder snakes in our back yard and I catch the little ones for my boys.


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