Sunday, August 5, 2012

The week of running free

This was apparently not the week for paying attention to how fast or precisely how far I was going.   I forgot my Garmin on two running days and went for a 16 mile bike ride this morning without it due to the batteries being dead.  I did use it once for a 5 mile run.  It is kind of nice to take a break from worrying about pace and distance and just go.  So most of my DailyMile mileage this week as just a rough estimate based on having done the routes before.

oh look, dead battery
I do have it charging right now and would like to use it tomorrow!  I have also taken a break from the iPod this week while running and biking.  Kind of nice to be alone with my thoughts and not be watching the pace also. Relaxing really!

Rocky is doing pretty good.  Growing.  Although I am concerned he is a little backed up.  I also learned yesterday that I should also be burping him.

 Burping a kitten, and helping him poop. Who knew a kitten would be so much work?!

  He once more has not pooped in two days.  His belly is getting HUGE.   I put a little oil in his formula.  Supposedly that is supposed to help after two or three feedings.  I am getting really tired of rubbing his butt with a warm wash cloth and hoping he poops. I am glad human babies are able to do that all on their own. 

I am trying to decide if I should enter a 10k this coming weekend, a 5 mile race next weekend or just do both.   :)   I did them both last year.  Of course last year I also did not have Hood to Coast the weekend after the 5 mile race. 

I am leaning towards the 10k and just using it as a gauge to see where I am at and how my body is feeling post marathon.  I don't expect to set a personal best or anything since I have done ZERO speed work since June and have only really done easy runs since the marathon on July 8th.  That marathon took a lot out of me. 

I feel like I am still processing a lot of feelings about my first marathon.  I got up this morning at 6 to watch the Olympic marathon only to discover it had started at 4 am here.  I did get to see the end of it anyway.  I have to admit I got all teary as I watched each person come across the finish line. Especailly Shalane and Kara. 

Having finally run a marathon, I felt like I could really empathize with them on how hard they had worked to get there.  Knowing that what you have done is so amazing and so great, but you still fell a little short of where you really envisioned you could be and what you could do if it all came together.

And finally, I have a big box of peaches I am going to can and make some peach jam out of hopefully tomorrow.  I was hoping to do it today, but I think they need to ripen a little more first.  Love peaches!

Did you watch the Olympic Marathon this morning?  If you did, did you get a little teary also?


  1. I saw that picture of peaches and showed it to Mike and said "i want to eat all of those!"

    That kitten is a crazy amount of work, but you guys are so cute rescuing him!

    What's the bracelet in your first picture?

  2. I did watch the marathon and it was fantastic--I'm so glad I got up. I felt the same way--I know how badly their legs and feet must have hurt there at the end. Such respect!

    All of my recent runs have been with just a stopwatch. I kind of like it. It takes the pressure off--I feel like I'm truly running free.

  3. I didn't watch the marathon, but wished that I had. I was out until 2 am with a bachelorette party....eeeek. I have found myself getting really emotional at a lot of the Olympic events and I have no idea why. I got teary eyed when Missy Franklin won and a couple of other people too. They are so incredible to watch.

    Poor little Rocky! I hope that he poops soon. I didn't know you had to burp a kitten either, that is kind of funny.

    I would also maybe just do the 10K. HTC takes a lot out of you so it might be nice to have some fresh legs going into it.

  4. I was up pretty early watching the marathon. I felt really bad for Desiree Davila. I can't even imagine how she felt having to pull out of the race in the first few miles. I was a mess when I was injured when I couldn't do a simple race but the Olympics is a whole different thing. I see you have your hands full with the kitten. I think you are doing all of the right things to get it to poop so hopefully he does soon.Do both races. What the heck!

  5. Those peaches look amazing. MAN THAT MARATHON! I knew we were in trouble when the kenyans and ethopians were hanging back the entire first hald.... their speed is out of this world! Sad to see Shubukova drop out with a hamstring injury too. Great race and I am excited to see the men next sunday!

  6. I was definitely absorbed by the women's marathon this morning, and yes, a bit emotional about it! And...burping a kitten? Seriously? Wow.

  7. I thought it was the belly you were supposed to rub... hhhmmmm... good thing he isn't relying on me!

    I love the box of peaches. They are so good this year.

    And yes, I was up till 3 a.m. waiting for the start of the marathon, and after the first 15 minutes the announcer said they were going to keep an eye on it but go back to men's biking... I went to bed and watched the highlights this afternoon. Awesome.

  8. I didn't get to watch it. Boo.
    I get teary eyed watching every event. I'm such a softy for people accomplishing their dreams or at least giving it their all trying.
    I dig peaches. Those look so yummy.

  9. I think you know in your heart if you should be doing the 10K or the 5K. Just listen to it and then have fun during the race.

    Cute little kitten. Didn't know you have to do so much. Hope the kitty gets to feeling better.

    I love peaches and I think I have overdone on the canning this year. :) I am through for this year.

  10. Rocky is so cute! I hope he poops soon.

  11. Poop and peaches. Fun! Watch out; those peaches will trick you. I got a flat of them the other day and one day they were hard, the next they were all soft, so I ate about 6 a day until they were gone! They ripen pretty quickly!

  12. I have been running without Garmin and Ipod lately and it's kind of nice:) I did watch the marathon and got teary eyed too. Hope the kitty has pooped by now.


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