Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Like Dominoes and Stella Blue

 My daughter was at my sister's house Friday My neice was home from school sick with a stomach bug.

Her son started puking at a gas station on Saturday night and my daughter started puking a couple hours later.

Sunday my brother in law was sick.

Monday night it was my turn, I started feeling less than spiffy in the afternoon and by bedtime I knew my number was up.  Shortly after I went to bed I was running for the toilet so my stomach could empty itself in an unglorious fashion.

Rocky kept me company while I was sitting there deciding if it was safe to go back to bed or not.

Two hours later my son was joining me. 

Really it is better it happens this week than next week.  Since next weekend I have a half marathon!

I am feeling a lot better this morning but still not real spanky.  I think I will rest this morning and evaluate this afternoon whether or not I attempt any kind of exercise or not.  I know missing one day will not ruin my half marathon, but ... I hate missing days!  I feel like I have had to miss so many days already this year.  UGH!

We get a weekly publication called the Western Ag Reporter and they are raising money for a little girl named StellaBlue in Bozeman, MT who has been battling cancer.  My kids both elected to send $20 of their own money to help Stella Blue.  Love my kids.  We talk about her every week when the paper comes out and updates us on her progress.

Here is Stella Blue and her story

Background: Stella Blue Woods is a five-year-old kindergarten
student valiantly waging a battle with cancer. In September 2011,
Stella Blue, who lives near Bozeman, Montana, went to the doctor
with a stomachache. Tests revealed a cantaloupe-sized Wilms tumor,
a type of kidney cancer that often occurs in children. The tumor was
removed, but Stella's Stage 4 cancer had spread. She underwent 30
weeks of intense chemotherapy in Seattle. Doctors gave her a 30
chance to rid herself of the cancer. No one knew if she would see her
fifth birthday on April 17, 2012, but she did. They brought Stella
Blue home, and she started kindergarten. However, by Christmas
2012, Stella and her family were back in Seattle at the Children’s
Hospital where she very recently underwent four days of chemo and
then a stem cell transplant, which the hospital likens to a rebirth, if
successful. None of these procedures are pain-free, but Stella fights
gamely on. Care has to be taken with her one remaining kidney.
Weight has been a focus throughout this process as she is tiny, and of
course with the chemo and the accompanying vomiting, she has little
appetite. The family is pretty much isolated now because Stella no
longer can fight off any germs. If all goes well, the family will return
to their home near Bozeman, Montana, by Stella's 6th birthday on
April 17. However, she will NOT be able to go to school, have parties at home, or be among any crowds for TWELVE MONTHS

We will be getting a cookbook called the Best of Cooking in the West by Susan Metcalf in return for our donation, if you are interested check it out HERE


  1. Oh man! I hope you and the family are feeling better soon! That stinks. At least you had Rocky there to keep you company.

    How sweet of your kids to donate!

  2. I would skip working out today. Give your body a little more rest, your training won't suffer. So sad to read about Stella Blue:( Heartbreaking. Our friend Colton was at the same hospital January and February. At home now on the mend from his 3rd bone marrow transplant. Praying for miracles:)

  3. Oh man sorry about getting sick last night, I hope you feel better soon. Get plenty of rest!!

  4. What a beautiful little girl--hate to hear that she is so sick.

    And sorry your household faced the stomach bug, too! Rest up and drink up and then hit it tomorrow when you are stronger.

  5. Feel better! And, oh man, do I feel that familys pain... Sending them prayers!


  6. Yuck!!!! I hate throwing up more than anything!!!! Glad to know your family is back on the mend! Rest up now...

  7. I hope you feel better soon! It is never fun to be sick.

    Your kids are very sweet and caring for donating their $. You must be so proud of them for being so generous.

  8. Yikes, that is some quick bug going around.

    Stella Blue. Gorgeous little girl with such a beautiful name, too. I think it is wonderful that your kids want to help her. Chokes me up thinking about their sincere and sweet generosity.

    Hope you are ALL feeling better really soon.

  9. Wow, sounds like that bug is spreading fast! Oh, this little girl is precious! I hate cancer and which we could find a cure.

  10. What a sweet little baby. I'm off to check out the website. Thanks for posting.

  11. Being sick is the worst! Hope everyone feels better soon! It sounds like your kids really have great hearts :)

  12. It seems like as soon as one sickness goes away, another one comes along- I'm sorry! I'm ready for spring.
    Such a beautiful, sweet girl! So sweet of your kids to donate, too.

  13. So sorry to hear that you were sick!! I had a similar thing, where I went from feeling fine to throwing up in a few short hours, then was more or less ok the next day. I felt like crap this morning though and so put off my speed work until tomorrow morning. Sometimes you just have to go with it! Hope you're feeling better!!

  14. Aww she lucks like such a sweet little girl. Sorry you guys have been sick. Hope everyone is feeling better now.


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