Friday, March 1, 2013

Rocky's Defense

 I sat down in the chair to type this out this morning and Rocky decided he wanted to help...

Surprisingly not so helpful.  He got booted after he kept trying to type also. Maybe he was just trying to tell his story.

He also recently accused of trying to eat my daughter's beta fish.   We found the fish on the counter after hearing a loud crash.  The fish bowl had hit the floor and dumped water and rocks everywhere, yet Redla the fish was still on the counter flopping around....and Rocky was running away. 

Rocky maintains that he was trying to put the fish back in the bowl and the fish didn't want to go.  The fish bowl was knocked over in their battle.  He ran because he was scared, if the fish could knock over the heavy fish bowl, what could he do to a small cat.

Don't worry Redla is fine and has made no more "escape" attempts. Rocky has also quit using the fish bowl as a source of drinking water.

I found this coffee at the moneysuck Target.

 I am enjoying a cup as I type..yum.

 I also got to try out this awesomely bright compression socks from Spun Apparel. The picture does not do justice to how bright they really are. They call them nano green.  I call them neon yellow bright +2

There will be a review and giveaway next week.. Yay, who doesn't love winning things!

Yesterday I had 8 x 800s on the schedule to run.  I warmed up for two miles then did my first interval in 3:27.  I wanted to keep them all under 3:30 so I was happy with that. I did good until number 5 and it was 3:33 and I thought ugh, maybe I should only do 6 of these. I am getting tired...

I pulled off all 8 though and the rest were all under 3:25.  I did a quick cooldown and had to hurry back since my husband had to leave for work.

So glad I soldiered though my intervals and didn't wuss out like I considered doing.  I know I would have regretted it.

Tomorrow I a long run..and only two weeks left until the Run to the Pub Half marathon!!!!  Yes I am counting, I am so excited.  The weather tomorrow is supposed to be 58 and not even windy.  Too awesome.

Anyone else running long tomorrow, or make me jealous ..are you running in a race?
Do you like flavored coffee?  I do, this chocolate truffle one is pretty amazing.
and the big question is..
Rocky.. guilty or innocent?


  1. Ummm sorry to say Rocky is so guilty! Cute but guilty! I love me some Target and that coffee looks awesome!!! I can't wait for warmer running race is in 2 weeks too! I hope the weather is just as nice! Way to go on pushing yourself through your intervals!! You rocked them!

  2. Rocky is SO guilty! But, I did have an African frog once that got out of its bowl and managed to get across the room onto my grandmother's shirt, where it dried up and died, but still managed to scare the crud out of her when she went to put the shirt on!
    3 weeks from tomorrow, I run the Circular Logic Marathon. EEK! It's a 1 mile loop, hosted by a bunch of nerds (literally- you can pick your own race number, but those who chose not to are assigned #s based on the descending digits of Pi), and I can't wait. I feel both completely ready and so unprepared- same way I felt about my first marathon, so at least I know I can finish!

  3. I freaking love this post! I believe rocky. I mean, those fish can be so sneaky. And where was Cola to break up the struggle!?!

    Those compression socks are awesome!

    So happy those 800's went well for you. So excited to hear about your race in a few weeks. And because of your shamrock sock post, I'm now considering getting something themed to run in for my half in 2 weeks. :)

  4. I am voting for Guilty! I used to have a cat and the fishbowl was one of his favorites! I love flavored coffee! I am the person who squeezes all of the bags at Target to smell them before I decide which one to buy! Great workout! Intervals are tough!

  5. 1. the cat is GUILTY. :)
    2. LOVE the socks.
    3. I read about that Run to the Pub and it looks like a BLAST!! Maybe one year I can drive up and run it with you!!!

  6. I am gonna say the cat's story sounded a bit fishy. ;-)
    I LOVE bright socks!
    I hope you have a great run tomorrow!!

  7. So funny about Rocky:) Love the socks! Running a 5k on Sunday, so excited!

  8. haha my BFs cat would drink out of the beta fish water but they like drinking old dirty water anyways. i think archer farms makes surprisingly, really good coffee. love the socks!

  9. Poor Rocky! I totally believe his innocence. Of course he was trying to put the fish back! :)
    Neon socks = wow!

  10. Okay I am completely obsessed with the socks. Love them! Fantastic speed workout.

    I'm running 18 miles tomorrow at a brisk pace with a friend. :)

  11. Naughty Rocky, but you are still adorable! My cat loves to walk across my keyboard and type random letters for me.
    I'm not a great fan of flavoured coffee but I've gotta say chocolate truffle sounds pretty tempting. You totally deserve some after that interval session!
    Tomorrow is supposed to be a Sunday long run for me, but I have a trail skills session first that I'm looking forward to - will have to see how much energy I have left!

  12. Very glad to hear the fish made it out alive!! Hah! And your coffee sounds really yummy! :0)

  13. Those compression socks look great (I love neon)!

    I am so excited for the weather, though we really did not have a winter (again!) this year.

  14. Great job on the 800s! I was supposed to do 6 last week and I totally flaked out on them! PS Rocky is getting big. Do you have a full photo of him? It seems like just yesterday when he was just a kitten!

  15. Oh Rocky! I used to have a fish + 2 cats in college. The poor fish had to live in my closet. LOL.

    That coffee sounds so yummy! I am going to have to buy some at my next Target trip. I stocked up on gingerbread and the pumpkin spice and still have plenty. I am awesome for thinking like that.

    Great job on the 800s!

  16. Rocky is definitely guilty! Little stinker....

    As a bonus though, I have the same laptop as you. We WERE separated at birth. Except you're skinny! lol

    LOVE those socks! I could see you from the MOON!


  17. Rocky sounds like he is getting really adventurous. I bet the poor fish was terrified!


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