Friday, April 5, 2013

Some more Friday Favorites

1.  I broke down and ordered all the new Nuun flavors. the lemonade flavor is my new running BFF water flavor.  I could drink gallons of the stuff.  Watermelon is good, but doesn't qualify as a favorite and the cherry limeade was too strong flavored for me so I will have to dilute it more, but the lemonade is pure heaven.

I have a feeling a will be buying a lot of this.  Best Nuun flavor hands down.

2. This weather! I think anything over  45 and under 75 degrees is pretty awesome, I would say, most of this fits the bill.
This whole week had been amazing so far, and rain is always welcome, except maybe on a race day ;)

3.  British TV... first I watched Downton Abbey and was glued to it until I watched every episode.  Then I moved on to Land Girls and Call the Midwife.  Both great series although both only have 5-6 episodes.   Looking for another show if anyone has any great suggestions.

4. Anything to do the being outside! I have taken the kids on hikes up in the hills twice this week.  It is great for wearing them out and for cooling down from a run. Sadly I keep forgetting to bring my camera on the hikes.  We hike around some, play some hide and seek in and around the trees and big sandstone rocks, and I spend some quiet time just sitting while the kids play.

 I love to just relax and soak it in.  The sound of the wind in the pines, the smells of the dirt, pine trees and green things growing.  The quiet solitude.  So peaceful.  Little bit of heaven here on Earth.  Feels so far removed from the busy at work. 

Not a recent pic, but how can your heart not be at peace with such surroundings. I know it makes mine happy.

What are some of your favorites this week.
Anyone else obsesed with the lemonade Nuun and British tv shows like me?



  1. Downton Abbey was fantastic! I was glued to it. I don't watch many other "period dramas", but if you haven't seen the BBC's Pride and Prejudice (circa the mid nineties) then that's a must
    Am very jealous about the weather and hiking! Have got to plan some hikes for when spring finally arrives :)

  2. I'll have to try out the lemonade nuun! Sounds delicious! Ah Downton Abbey...haven't found anything quite like it yet! Let me know if you do! I love period dramas/movies!

  3. I have been obsessed with being outside this week too!! Yesterday was a bike ride and run with the ladies. I actually ran with the empty stroller to the babysitter's house to pick them up and then ran around the neighborhood! The landscape around where you live is very peaceful!!! LOVE!

  4. I still can't believe I've nevvvvver tried Nuun. Gotta try it one of these days!

    I also looooove anything outdoors, nothing more refreshing than being outside and getting some fresh air. So cool that you were able to go on hikes with your kids, love that!

  5. I'm like the only person on the planet that doesn't like Nuun-- i think it tastes like sugar mixed with alka seltzer :)

    You know my feelings about getting outside, and I've been dying lately bc things have been so busy with the start of the work season that I haven't had the opportunity to get up for a good hike. Chomping at the bit!

  6. Gosh, your weather looks better than ours in Chicago. It's still very cold in the mornings!

    I'm not a fan of nuun, but those new Flavors look pretty good.

    You need to bring your camera on those hikes! I love seeing the beautiful area you live in :)

  7. British TV is my favorite!!! But we might have slightly different tv taste. I watch Doctor Who, Sherlock, Tortchwood, etc.

  8. I broke down and ordered the new Nuun too... I haven't gotten mine yet though, waiting impatiently.

  9. I'm not really a nuun fan. It's ok, but nothing I seek out. I watched the first two episodes of Downton Abbey, and I was not hooked! Maybe I need to persevere....

  10. I have never tried Nuun and I think I am the only runner who hasn't:) I need to head out and buy some!

  11. Those are some great favorites!! I've heard some great things about the new summer NUUN flavors! :) I'm definitely going to have to try the lemonade! :)
    Some of my favorites right now:
    ~Bringing on spring break from work and my internship and only having class myself this past week... it's been relaxing and amazing!
    ~Being able to catch up with some of the blogs I haven't been able to read lately! :)

  12. My favorite is the pink lemonade they have and it supports Breast Cancer...double bonus!!

    Totally dying to do some stuff outdoors but our temps are only in the 40's yet. Still exciting since it's sunny and not windy though.

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  14. My wife is absolutely obsessed with Downton Abby! I couldn't figure out why ;)
    I've actually never tried NUUN! I have a GC to a running store and may check them out if they have any!! As for shows? If you have Netflix and haven;t watched it already, The Walking Dead is phenomenal! Even my wife is hooked and we usually have completely different taste when it comes to TV and movies (except for comedies...).

  15. After watching Downton Abbey, I start reading and thinking everything in a british accent. If only I could talk in one. People might think I'm smart!

  16. I've heard so much about Downton Abbey I may have to check it out.

    Those surroundings would make me feel pretty peaceful too!

  17. Lemonade sounds good. Favorite - today's run because I saw 3 deer!

  18. Thanks for the new Netflix recommendations (hoping they are on Netflix anyway). I really liked the Sherlock Holmes series and Luther. Both British but more crime oriented. I've been meaning to try Brideshead Revisited, but not sure if it is really any good at all.

  19. I share both of your obsessions! Grape and TriBerry are my favorite Nuun flavors - but you're selling me pretty good on the new flavors, maybe I'll have to order some?

    And as for British tv? Totally. I don't understand why I can't live in a British Period Piece. Is it really so much to ask? If you like Downton Abbey try the Forsyte Affair on Netflix :) I'll have to find both of the series you mentioned!


  20. I've been enjoying being outside a lot lately too. The dogs and I ran around a lot when I was at home on the farm for two weeks at the end of March.

    Have you watched Upstairs, Downstairs? It's really good! There's a newer version that I really like but my neighbor swear the original (you can watch it on Netflix instant play) is even better.

  21. I am diggin the Cherry Limeade lately!
    It looks like you might have a few wet runs in your future but at least they aren't freezing, right?
    I'm always jealous of your beautiful runs.

  22. They don't have the NEW flavours in Canada yet. but i KNOW I am gonna love lemonade....
    AND Downton of my fav shows!!!

  23. I love your view! I have not tried the lemonade Nuun, but I already got through the first three seasons on Downton and am waiting for the next!


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