Monday, June 3, 2013

Kindrunner is officially here!

If you have been a runner for more than a year chances are pretty good that you have at least one pair of old running shoes that you have worn out and are taking up space in your residence.  I think I have a small mountain.  I just hate to throw them away, but I do always need more!
This is where Kindrunner come in.
What makes Kindrunner so awesome?

The short story. Every time you purchase a pair of shoes from them, they will in return for an old pair of shoes issue a ten dollar store credit and a free return shipping label for the old shoes. Shipping is free.
They in turn donate the shoes to organizations like Soles 4 Souls and MORE so that the old shoes can go to the people who need them most.  This gets shoes on needy people and keeps them out of landfills letting them get completely worn out!

They offer Confident Runner Pricing..this means if you KNOW you will love the shoe and the size they will waive the free return shipping and offer the shoe at below retail price.  Shipping to you is still free as is return shipping of donated shoes for their Kindness Rewards Program

you have a whole year to return shoes are aren't in love with since they have Easy 365 Returns

So what is this Kindness Cash Rewards Program anyway..
  1. your old shoes are turned into credit towards new ones, or any other product on their site.
  2. They are available after any footwear purchase, so that old shoes are replaced with new and don't go into the landfills.
  3. Once you order a pair of shoes, simply use the box and return label to send back an old pair and get $10 in Kindness Cash Rewards. (KCR)
  4. You can use up to $50 in KCR towards new shoes or products at a time.
  5. They NEVER expire!
As a little added incentive the first 500 customers are going to get socks for life.  Every time they order a new pair of shoes they will also get a free pair of socks of their choice from their inventory.

Everything they sell on the site has been reviewed by one of their running experts. 

Still have questions? 

You can connect with them via social media
What do you do with your old shoes?
I have been asked to be a Kindrunner Ambassador and in return will get to help review the things they will have in the store.  All reviews will be honest and my own opinions!


  1. I love this!!! I have so many shoes that are taking up space!! I'm heading over to check this out!!

  2. That is seriously cool!! I usually just drop off my old shoes at the local running store to be donated, but this is pretty awesome!

  3. Sounds like a good idea! I usually wear my retired running shoes as regular shoes, "working in the yard" shoes or donate them locally if they're not too worn. Some of the races I've run (Houston Marathon) have had drop-off boxes where the shoes are recycled.

  4. I just recently heard about them - what a great concept!!

  5. I just recently heard of this and I love the idea.

  6. It's a great model--I hope lots of people get on board with it!

  7. so excited, love what they stand for!

  8. I'm excited they are officially up and running!


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