Friday, June 28, 2013

Would love some input!

We started a couple of new groups at work and one of them is a whole health group.  We haven't come up with a creative name for it yet, but somehow I ended up co-chair.  Very excited about the group.  We met for the first time yesterday to talk about ideas and things we want to do.

A few of the ideas we came up with are
  • Having a weekly healthy recipe to share and a fun way for people to rate it
  • coming up with some walking routes around work, so people can walk on their breaks, before work in small groups, etc
  • Meeting 20 minutes before work to do a short yoga workout.
  • looking into getting a group Fitbit discount
  • having a blog where people at work can all contribute about fun, healthy activities they have been doing, and others can check in, a place to post healthy tidbits
  • and put on a half marathon and 5k.
So excited about that last one. and a little freaked out.  A very informal poll of my running friends did reveal a big interest in having a spring/early summer half marathon in Billings.  There are currently two half marathons here.  One in July and it is always sweltering hot. Not too many people do it. and the other is in September and the weather is usually perfect.  There was supposed to be one in April this year, but then it got moved to October so I am not really counting it until it happens since that is the third time they have delayed it.

I am just wondering if from now until the beginning of April is enough time to accomplish it.  I have a rough idea of the course.  It won't be a downhill or flat one, but it will incorporate some trails and show some awesome views of the city.  It will also be different than most of the other runs in the area. 

Looking for ideas .

I would love to hear input on what you guys think.

Should it be a loop, a point to point, or an out and back.  Which one do you love and not love the most?  They all have pluses and minuses.

What things make for a bad half marathon?
What makes a great one?

Any advice?  Do we need longer than 9 months to plan this?  our B option would be a late May early June race which would give us a little more time. 


  1. I use to help put on races here in KC and I think that is enough time if you get a light under the fire! Make sure to see what the city requirements are and the up front cost, they are not always fun!

  2. I have only ever run one half marathon so you can completely disregard my suggestions!
    I like a scenic run for at least part of it. Varying scenes if possible... by that I mean some through the business district, some through residential, some along rural roads... that kind of thing.
    And please don't make the last part of the half marathon up hill! That is so discouraging to newbies especially!
    I have no preference for out and back or a loop. If the route is pretty an out and back is better I think. And of course an out and back makes for easier aid and toilet stations, too.
    So FUN, Christy! Good for you to get involved.

  3. I'd say you have enough time depending on what the course will be, that tends to trigger a lot of things as far as necessary permits, etc. My favorite half is a loop but a short out-and-back section included as well. I'm involved in the organization of a 5k and it's pretty easy due to where we hold it but a half would have a lot more involved

  4. You can certainly get it done in 9 months. But you'll need to get going. I'm part of a group (of 2) that put on a 5k in our town. That's certainly not the same as a half marathon, but I would think it's all relative. Not a big fan of out and back with any kind of race. But I guess it would depend on what type of course is available. Good luck!! I really enjoy your blog. Keep us posted on your progress!!

  5. That's enough time but the first thing you need to check is if you need city or other permits those can take a little while to get. Out and back or loop is logistically a lot easier. Don't forget to reserve porta potties ahead of time! Also check with your local running club for volunteers and possibly to do the timing.

  6. How exciting! Congrats on being co-chair! Your group has a lot of really great ideas, especially the last one. :0) Personally, I'm a fan of an out and back course!

  7. Sounds like a great group!

    Definitely think you can get it done, but get working on permits and whatnot, because those are the things that will probably take the longest.

    I think my favorite course would be a loop.

    Can't wait to hear how it all unfolds! Good luck!

  8. Sounds fun! I would say you could get it done by April. Are there any other 1/2 marathons in the area? I know a lot of local races here use similar I've run 4 5ks with the same route! I would say my fav is a loop but an out and back is probably easiest to plan. Good luck!

  9. I know you can do it. You seem very organized!! My best advice is to talk with other race directors - they are always willing to share ideas!

  10. Sounds like a fun group!! I love scenic races and point to point.
    Good luck!! I can't wait to hear more about your awesome group!

  11. I have no experience in this, but I think that you would have enough time to pull a race together. I personally don't like out & back races. I think that you have enough experience behind you to put on a fantastic race.

  12. how fun! I think you definitely have enough time to plan one and make it work. I don't really have a huge preference, though point to point is probably my favorite. I know a lot of people don't like out and back, but as long as it's scenic, I don't mind. I think as long as it's well organized, and has good course markings, sufficient water/aid stations, and post race food, it is a good race!

  13. I think you can do it! I'd contact a local running club for local advice, but I'm sure you know what to do (town approval, marshals for pointing the way and official ones for stopping traffic, sponsors, timing, etc)

    What makes a great one: plenty of water, food after, plenty of pointers (so we don't get lost), unique course, unique shirt/ other swag, unique medal.

    Bad one? Having none of those :)

    As for the course, I wouldn't want an out/back, I think a point to point may be too much in too little time (unless you really do have a few hard working people helping). A loop would probably be good though now that I think of it, out/back might be easier to pull off...then change it for the year after ;)

  14. How neat!! Definitely enough time to plan.

    Make sure you get permits/city requirements & all the upfront costs squared away quickly. I know our local businesses always help supply the water cups, ice, bananas, etc, so check with yours too.
    As far as course, I've only run ONE so no ideas there! For 5 and 10ks I like loop courses :-)

  15. I've never put on a race, but I'm sure it was be so rewarding and fun! I help my brother-in-law out every year for his 25K and 50K that he does ( and it just seems like too much for to me ;)

    Personally I like point-to-point races or loops. Point-to-point mean you need to get a bus (or two) but I definitely likes those the best for the longer races. Shorter ones I like loops.

    Are you thinking about chip timing or just a stopwatch? My BIL just has a stop watch, but personally that's never a safe bet (what if the watch dies?!!). Good luck! Heck, maybe I'll make my way over there and run it too! (are outsiders allowed?!)

  16. I vote loop. Point to point is too hard to organize, transportation wise, and out and back is repetitive. I like loops! Good luck!


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