Thursday, June 20, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. My daughter decided she wanted a flower garden this year. So I let her call this little one hers.  A few of the perennials came back from last year, but it was still looking pretty barren so we picked up some petunias that were on sale to add to it.
Ta-da!  The petunias are supposed to spread out good, so hopefully in another couple of weeks it will fill in nicely. 
I really hate spending money on this sort of thing. Especially if they are just going to die every year.  I need to just invest in some good perennials and be done with it. I just have such a hard time since it just doesn't interest me in the least!

2. I had another great crack of dawn run this morning, although I left earlier than I yesterday so I could try out my new hat. Yesterday 5 am, this morning 4:48. Next time I am going to try to be out even earlier so I can really try it out. Like 4:30 early.  I am awake anyway.  My internal alarm clock seems to be stuck on 3:30 am.  not cool.
Four miles.  Four super slow miles.  I might have had a moment in the second mile where I was just so happy to be running I might have had to wipe away a tear.  or maybe I was crying over the mosquito bite on my right butt cheek.. seriously, he bit me right through my capris!
3. I signed up to get PVbody or whatever is was, way back in December, but I ended up sending back what I was sent because I hated it.  Then they changed to and I kept opting out of my monthly order.  I wasn't loving what they had to offer

Last month I decided to give in and try it.  The collection was so cute. I loved both the tank and the capris I received,  so I ordered again this month.  I once again love what I got. I just didn't get quite what I thought I was going to. 

Seriously, the one on the left is what I selected and the one in the collage is what I got.  Their photo does not represent.  I do LOVE the feel of this fabric it just does not look like the same shirt to me.
I seriously doubt I would buy anything from them without the monthly thingy where you can get two pieces for 49.95.  Roughly twenty-five dollars a piece for two things I love seems like a great deal to me.  I would never pay the $64 they have that shirt priced at without the monthly deal, but $25ish I can justify, that is really comparable to Target prices and in my opinion a way better shirt.  This fabric is the bomb.
This really isn't supposed to be an ellie review I just wanted to show what a different shirt I got than what I thought I would be getting. Seriously, does it look the same to you? No matter how much I squint, and or enlarge the picture I cannot see that it is. 


  1. NO way that's the same shirt. But I like the actual shirt better than the one in the 1st pic:)

  2. Yay for the successful run! I really, really wished I enjoyed flowers/gardening the whole bit but I don't either. I like having the vegetable garden but can't say I really enjoy maintaining it which is why it often doesn't last that long or flourish very well!

  3. Holy cow, what time do you go to bed that you get up at 3:30 am???

    That shirt is definitely not the same. That's so strange.

    When we had people putting in our patio, they wanted to do plantings, too. I said, "fine, but only things that I don't have to water, replant, or really tend to at all."

  4. That's NOT the same shirt. Glad you're running again! 12 more days for me (I'm going to be "bad" and run a day early so I can join the group on base for a fun patriotic run on the 2nd).... but, I did chase a rabbit out of my garden and across the yard on Saturday without thinking. I'm a horrible patient. :)

  5. I love your daughter's flower garden. I remember when I used to have my own.

    Yay for another run. I am so happy for you!!!

    That shirt is not the same. I would be super annoyed.

  6. Nope, not the same shirt at all. This is why I just don't like to shop online.

  7. I wish I could make myself get up that early for my exercise!

  8. Yay running happy tears! Your daughter's flower garden is cute.

  9. I totally understand a tear slipping out during your run - I ran today for 15 mins and felt that happy too! Onwards and upwards!

  10. NOt even close to the same shirt, but from what I've heard, that stuff happens a lot with them. At least you love the fabric!

  11. Yeah, that shirt looks quite a bit different. But, if it feels good, I guess that's a fair exchange!
    Love the garden! Maybe you could buy some seeds and have your daughter start from there in the little reusable plastic planters then have her transfer them to her garden.
    Gotta love the happiness running brings!!!

  12. Yay for running again! I would be annoyed with the shirt confusion and just stop ordering. Sometimes I just want to get what I'm paying for, no matter what the price.

  13. That's a totally different shirt! Ha. As for the garden, if you are going to have to plant it year after year, you may as well have veggies. Then you at least get something for your work! And things like tomatoes basically grow themselves.


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