Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mizuno Wave Sayonara Review

This is a sponsored post for Mizuno through Fitfluential.

Last summer I got to try the Mizuno Precision 12s as part of the Mezamashi Project.  It was my second pair of Mizuno running shoes ever.  I loved the lightness of them and have done several races in them, so when I had the opportunity to try out the Sayonaras I was excited.  !!!

The Wave Sayonaras are made to replace the Precisions. These y are made to be a light weight everyday training shoe.  At 7.1 ounces I would agree they are really lightweight.

They also dropped them down a bit with a 10mm drop from heel to toe instead of the traditional 12mm.  Personally I wouldn't mind if they dropped it even more.

First Impressions..  bright vibrant colors.  I don't want boring shoes to run in so they score major here.  I am not a huge pink fan, but there is enough purple to help offset it for me. 

Check out the fun pattern details.

 I like the way they fit my feet even better than my Precisions do.  They seem a little roomier in the toebox.  Once I laced them up and adjusted them on my feet for the first time I never had to stop and tighten or loosen once.  This is so rare for me with new shoes.  They just fit.

I can say that they feel fast, but can't really give you proof.  I am not doing any speed work right now due to a quad strain, all I am doing is easy running.  Hoping to add in speed work in another month or so.  Base building first.

I think these are officially the lightest shoes I run in right now.  The U4ic midsole is supposed to be 30% lighter than traditional AP+  they use.  Almost like floating on air.
 I can easily see this becoming a regular shoe in my rotation. I give it two thumbs up.

I am a little worried about small rocks getting in the small holes in the soles.  so far so good though and I think they would be easy to get out if they did.
I think Mizuno really got these shoes right.  I love all the great design details, bright colors, they fit like they are already broke in, super light weight and they feel GOOD to run in.  Brilliant.

 Want a fun hill workout?  Sure you do.  Hill training helps you gain speed and strength and these shoes will help you do it fast since they won't weigh you down.

 One of my favorite details is this on the back of the shoe.  It is like it is telling your competition sayonara!

If you are looking for a lightweight neutral trainer you can race in or just want one for training, this a a good one to try.  

They will be available in the Mizuno Running Store and everywhere else July 5th. 

If you aren't a huge fan of the pink and purple combo it comes in a white, lime punch and blue atoll color combo that is pretty snazzy too. 


  1. That's a great hill workout--it will do the trick! Glad you like the shoes (and that you're running again!)

  2. So glad to hear positive things about the Sayonara! I loved the elixirs but switched to brooks after I heard the elixirs would be discontinued. I'm anxiously awaiting my Sayonaras from their wear test program!!!

  3. Thanks for the review, I might give these a try. I recently bought some Wave Riders and I like them but find they are slightly narrow for my foot, and higher than what I am used to - the Sayonara's sound like a step in my direction. And I do love the idea of speeding off into the distance saying sayonara to my rivals!

  4. I am counting down the days till these are released! I currently wear the Wave Riders but I want something a little zippier for speed work and shorter distance races. Glad to hear positive things given all the hype that has surrounded this shoe!

  5. That's so interesting that you said they were roomy in the toe box! I'm writing my review for later this week and I said the exact opposite-- that I thought it was a bit more narrow! Maybe I just have fat feet :)

  6. I like a roomy toebox too. Those shoes are darned cute!

  7. Those shoes look pretty sweet. I ♥ the color and the fun details. So happy that you are back to running. That makes me smile.

  8. I've been loving my Wave Sayonara's! So light! I feel fast in them but haven't tested it out officially since I too am doing easy runs right now.

  9. Ooh, I love these! I'm a sucker for Brightly colored shoes and they sound like thy are comfy. Great review!

  10. They are fantastic and bright! I like them even though I am not that big a fan of pink. I am glad to hear you like them. I have tried to switch to a more minimal shoe and my achilles just can't hang.

  11. Nice review. Love pink. Nice hill workout.

  12. How sweet is that, free new shoes from Mizuno! Thanks for the review.

  13. Awesome to hear. I run in the wave creations...similar? I'm afraid to change when I've had such great miles in these!!!


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