Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three Things Thursday: This is CRAZY!

1. I took the kids down to the creek this morning because I needed some willow cuttings (that's a different story) I didn't notice in my big hurry to get out the door that they had on flip flops.  We had to trek a bit through the grass, rocks, brush etc, to get to the willow tree. There used to be a lot of them on the creek bottom but through drought and whatever they are hard to find now.

I was busy pointing out some fossils in the rocks to my kids when suddenly life got interesting.  They both starting screaming and jumping around like we were being attacked by ravenous zombie hordes.  It took me a minute to realize they were freaking out about the ants that were crawling on their feet and up their legs.  Great.

It took me another minute to get all the ants brushed off, kids sort of calmed down and herded back towards the car away from the "killer attack ants".  As I was rolling my eyes at my kids freaked outness I could sympathize by imagining those ants had been spiders.  If there had been spiders crawling up my legs, or theirs for that matter I would have been right there with them freaking out.  It would have been an every man for himself situation.

Gives me the chills to even think about. 

 have a look at my iris blooming
2.  We headed back towards home and a string of good songs kept playing on the radio so we were rocking out in the car.  Just as we got to the driveway Get Your Shine On started playing.  Cade said to me "I wish we could keep driving and listen to the whole song, this in my favorite"  so I earned some Mom is super cool points and we drove circles around the driveway with the radio blasting singing at the top of our lungs.   Cade kept laughing and saying "This is crazy!"   What a fun moment with my kids.    Although my husband is going to wonder about the tracks when he gets home.

I lost some Mom is super cool points when I wouldn't let the kids make magic potions with sand in the bathroom shortly after that.  It's hard being a super cool Mom!

found this one growing in my driveway so I put it in a planter.

3. Went for a bike ride this morning after a ZWOW workout, my legs were pretty tired and I kept having to dodge road graders.  They had the gravel road all worked up so it wasn't very easy to bike on.  Made me work a lot harder!  I tried to do a short run after wards but I didn't like how my quad felt so I called it a workout.  I added in some yoga with 20 minutes of upper body and core work  in the afternoon to round my day out nicely.

Check out my new flexibility! I can now touch my toes standing and sitting!  Woot!


  1. Oh you totally earned super cool mom points! I am so freaked out about spiders but I try to play it cool since I don't want my daughter to be that afraid of them too. Yeah it never works! There are so many friggin spiders on Cape big hairy ones and I always end up screaming and running away! Now that the hubs is hurt I am on spider killing duty....SUCKS!!!

  2. I would have freaked out if spiders were crawling all over my legs too. That thought also gives me the chills. I heard ants bite so having them crawl on my legs is a little creepy also.

    Love your new flexibility!!!! You have definitely put your energy into other parts of your fitness which has paid off. Great job!

    Keep on eye out on Groupon for a crossfit deal. :-)

  3. You ARE a super cool mom! Sounds like you guys had a fun day minus the ants! Love your flowers, too! Yay for flexibility (which I have none)!

  4. I am so freaking big is your driveway that you can drive in circles?

  5. Hahah, I was wondering the same thing as Alyssa.

    I probably would have freaked out about the ants, too. Bugs are the worst!

  6. Fab flexibility! Well done - one day I will be more flexible!

  7. Yes, being super cool all the time is tricky;) Not always possible. Great job on your increased flexibility!

  8. I absolutely LOVE the image I have of you driving around the driveway in circles singing with your kids. Definitely super cool.

  9. I bet you are a VERY cool Mom... what a fun time! .... and I don't mean the ants!

  10. I am sure I would have freaked out a little!!!

    Love the singing in the car story!


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