Thursday, July 18, 2013

Favorites, discount codes, sales, and ways to help, credit for new shoes

1.  PRO Compression socks are my favorites.  In case you never noticed, I wear them a lot.
 PRO Compression is having a having a huge summer sale and you can get 40% off everything on their site by using the coupon code JULY when you check out.  This includes free shipping.  Awesome deal really, and I see they still have some of their sock of the month left.
According to their sizing guides I am a S/M size, but I have found I prefer an extra small.  I like the tighter compression and the slightly shorter length.  I wear these socks at work too and have a few friends at work who now wear them too, thanks to me :) and with so many color choices you can find one to match every outfit.
2. Handful Bras are another favorite of mine.  I seriously have a whole drawer in my dresser devoted to Handful bras and tanks. Coincidentally, they are also having a great sale right now.  All existing inventory on the Handful website is marked 20% off to make way for their new made in the USA inventory that will be coming soon. Lots of sizes are already sold out in certain colors so seriously act fast!  These bras rarely go on sale.  Just saying.
Since I already have all of the existing colors, I am waiting with great anticipation for the two I ordered through Crowd Supply.  I should have them in the next couple of weeks. Beyond excited to add the green one to my collection.

3. Huma energy gel is currently working on a crowd funding drive right now.  If you want to participate you can check it out HERE. The video they have posted on there is worth watching as well as a laugh or two.
I reviewed Huma gel recently on my blog.  They are an all natural energy gel.  Love the all natural thing and the chia seeds too. 
4. is offering a $10 dollars of Kindness Cash Rewards Credit to anyone who registers at before Friday (tomorrow) at 7pm EST (5pm my time).  YAY!  That is basically ten dollars towards your next pair of shoes or anything on their website! 
Easy, peasy really!
They also have a super awesome custom fit process and will even talk you through it.
Disclaimer.  Procompression is compensating me with a free pair of socks for this, Handful bras are just my favorites.  Huma gels rock my world, but are also not compensating me and I am a Kindrunner ambassador but do not get paid for ythat either ;) As always this is my blog and my opinions. 


  1. Lots of good deals happening:) I love those purple compression socks. I have pink ones from procompression but need some fun new colors;)

  2. Those bras look great, sadly they're all sold out of my size though :( Would you say they provide decent support for running? I'm assuming so - I just hate bouncing around!

    La Quaintrelle

  3. I LOVE ProCompression, but I still can't decide if I need another pair. THose ones are pretty awesome, though.

  4. I love Hanful's new colors! But I love the purple too!

  5. Tons of great deals! I love PRO Compression socks as well. The July SOM has been my fav so far received lots if compliments on them.

  6. I love the look of that retro sock! I can't imagine wearing compression around here in this heat, though--would have to wait until fall!

  7. What good deals, thanks for sharing! I love pro compression socks :)

  8. So many good deals...I really need to stop talking about it and try out Handful!

  9. I love compression and Huma! I've heard great things about Handful but have yet to try one.

  10. Thanks for sharing! I love a good discount :)

  11. I should add Athleta's semi-annual sale starts tomorrow (I think) or really soon. They really never have discounts, so I'm hoping maybe they will have some good stuff on sale.

  12. Oh I have been looking for a good deal on compression socks. Thanks for the info!

    1. Ordered two pair and I can't wait to get them.

  13. I LOVE ProCompression! and Handful and Kindrunner! Oh and you!

  14. That's a lot of good deals going on right now!


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