Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Favorites

I can't get enough of running at sunrise right now.  I am a little sad the days are getting shorter and that means sunrise is later and it gets harder for me to fit in a run before my husband gets out the door for work.  That means I have to wait until later to run when normal people are awake so they can watch my kids.

I am loving the Mizuno Sayonaras.  Those shoes are so light.  I think they were made with my foot in mind.  Fit like a glove, and they match my flowers.  Today is the day they are available in stores too!

Speaking of running, which is always a favorite.  15 miles this week.  In 3 different 5 mile runs.  5 mile runs.  I have done 4 of them now and my quad is feeling so good.  I can tell it is nearly healed because
  • I can cross my legs with my left on top with only the slightest twinge of pressure in my right quad. 
  •  I can sleep on my side again, both sides!  Yay I have been having to sleep on my back and I do not sleep good on my back.
  • I don't find myself rubbing my quad muscles throughout the day anymore.
  • I did some burpees and actually followed through with the jump part and it felt good.
4th of July.  Always a great holiday.  We took the kids up to the Home of Champions Rodeo in Red Lodge on the 3rd and.  Good fun.  On the 4th we got stuff done around the house and then went to a family potluck at my parents house.  The kids played on a large inflatable water slide and we all visited. Nothing says the 4th of July in Montana to me like tons of patriotism, cowboys, rodeo, and being with family.   Note I didn't say fireworks.

We could have gone to several shows in the area but I really hate crowds.  Fireworks are awesome but aren't a 4th of July necessity to me.  Growing up on a ranch where wildfires are a threat we rarely lit off fireworks on the 4th, preferring instead to do it on New Years when the fire danger is less.

Speaking of crowds... when the rodeo got over Wednesday night we hurried out of the stands to our car with the kids to try to get out of the parking lot before it got congested and were moving along at a nice jog when we had to stop to try and remember where we had parked.

A couple was standing there and heard us comment to each about where we had parked, they said to us "Hopefully you aren't parked like us"  They had been blocked in with a car in front of and behind them.  That was when I saw we were in front on them! Whew, were they happy to see us.  We all hopped in our vehicles and got out of there right before the rush. For the record we were not the ones that blocked them.  We were the first ones to park in that row and people were filled in behind us.

Final Friday Favorite. Hay.  Everywhere around me are hay fields being cut and baled.  It makes the air smell so sweet in the mornings. 
Have a great Friday!  Hope you all had a great 4th of July as well!


  1. Your shoes match your flowers :)

    Great news to post!! Sounds like you are really recovering nicely and a great week of running!!

  2. Glad you are loving the Sayaonaras. They're so pretty!

    I'm also glad to hear that you're recovering so well! That must make you feel great. Sounds like you had a wonderful holidays!

  3. I'm falling in love with my Sayonaras too! Even with them being a bit more snug than my previous shoes, I love them more and more with each run :) I am soooo happy you are almost completely healed. That quad injury needs to go away!

  4. SO glad your quad is better! That's great news! :0) Sounds like a fun week...too funny about the rodeo! I bet that coue was glad to see y'all!

  5. Love the smell of freshly cut hay and grass. Would love to try those shoes! They sound just great.

  6. Yay for sleeping on your side! It was over a year before I was able to sleep on my left side again. Ah, the little things in life :)

  7. Man, everyone keeps posting about their Sayonaras and I'm getting pretty jealous! That's awesome that your quad is feeling better and your getting some 5 milers in. That picture of the field with the hay bales is so peaceful and calm, serene is the word I'm looking for. I love it.

  8. I have a running T-shirt that will go perfectly with my Sayonara's when I get them ;)
    Your July 4 sounds perfect, and it's so great to hear you are almost 100%!

  9. Hooray for 15 miles! Glad to hear that you are almost 100%. Must be the new shoes? ;-)
    I fell asleep last night before the fireworks went off in Spokane. I am so lame, but I was pooped. We spent most of the day out in CDA and I was ready for bed before 10. I must be getting old.

  10. Glad to hear that you are healing. I know it must feel great!

  11. Good to hear that you're better...... quads take forever to heal!!

  12. We didn't go to the fireworks either. They terrify the dog and they are a huge hassel to go to around here. Also, apparently, I am the 4th of July grinch. Don't mind me.

    Yay for 15 miles!

  13. I got my workout in and than cut thistle the rest of the day. Just not wanting to be around a lot of people that day. Loved the peace and quiet in the field and my own thoughts.

  14. I am so glad you are running again! What a relief. I am sure you are excited! It's funny that you say that the days are getting shorter, since they ARE, but the longest day was only a couple of weeks ago...the days can't ALREADY be getting shorter! Darn it!


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