Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Recap

June was not really the month I was hoping for, but it was better than May!  It started with not running more than half a mile without having to walk and ended with a 5 mile long run with one walk break. 

I will take starting on a sour note and ending on a happy one!  My quad still doesn't feel 100% but it doesn't bother me when I run and it so much better than it was.  I am hoping another month of taking it easy will do the trick. 

I also did a lot more biking in June, I didn't do any in May as it bothered my quad.  The elliptical was also my friend.  I worked a lot of core and upper body strength and worked in yoga at least once a week.

I got to try out the new not even released yet Mizuno Wave Sayonaras.  They have been my go to shoe since I got them.  They are wonderfully light and just enough support.  Prett excited to try these out in a race and with some speed, which means I better not wear them all them time in the next couple months or they will be worn out before I get a chance!

Races ran in June...a big fat zero.  I DNSd one race.

The cotton trees are shedding cotton right now, check out my garden, so pretty. 
 I am also glad I am not allergic to it.

yes that is a  lot of tomato plants, I share them with my grandma.
Is it just me or does it take twice as long to heal from an injury as you think it should?


  1. I tend to agree that injuries take longer to heal than we think it should. I know that mine did and maybe it was because I was not resting 100%. I was doing what my PT told me to but I think the time ticks by so slowly and still seems like it takes forever! Glad to hear that you are doing better. You will get there :)

  2. So far I've been ahead of schedule with my hip. My knee dr said he didn't need to see me again after my one week appointment unless something goes wrong. So far, it's been ok. But, if you want to look at total time (20 months) from onset of pain that resulted in hip surgery 16 months later, then, yeah, it can take a while :)

  3. Yay for ending on a happier note!

    I sneezed just looking at the cotton. HA!

  4. going from .5 mile with pain to 5 miles without in 1 month time is pretty darn good. I do think it takes us longer to heal than we'd like, but that is life works at time. I'm hoping that one more month off does the trick. I know its in Sept so it might be too far off to tell, but are you doing the Montana 1/2 in Billings at all?

  5. You are doing amazing! I'm so glad your quad is feeling that much better! If you're as patient as I am (defined as "not patient"), I can totally understand your frustration with the healing process.

    Love all that cotton! And I love the Sayonaras. So glad you're having success with them!

  6. It does take longer, because it's hard to restrain for doing something you love. Love the new shoes

  7. I think that summer time is the toughest time of the year for anyone to be injured. The weather is awesome and we usually have races that we have been planning on for months. Glad that the month ended better than it started.

  8. Definitely takes twice as long...for me I think 3 times as long. Glad your June end was better than the June start...that's progress!

  9. You remind me of climate changing..

    Yay for ending on a happier note!
    white stockings cosplay ==)


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