Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Moving Forward

It has been 12 weeks since my last race.  12 weeks since I ran Peaks to Prairie and 11 weeks since I did the run that was the final straw for my right quad.   Not really that long in the scope of life, but it sure has felt like a long time!  I haven't updated my DailyMile account since then and don't know that I will.  It is fun to see the stats and everyone on there, but I get a little caught up in the numbers game and I don't need to be stressing about how many miles I am or am not running compared to last year, last month, etc.

My plan from here isn't too complicated. 

I have a Ragnar Relay in Colorado Sept 6-7

I plan to
  • keep building up my long runs
  • do hill repeats once a week
  • run a hilly route at least once a week
  • keep strength training my legs (squats, lunges, etc)
  • strength training in general (core, arms, legs)
What I haven't been doing
  • yoga
  • cycling
they both pretty much fell off the radar about two weeks ago I noticed.  I just have a hard time getting into them.

I am doing ZWOWs for my strength training and making up my own.

Speaking of Zuzanna, there has been a little drama in the Bodyrock, DailyHiit, Zuzkalight communities lately and apparently if you hadn't already taken a side it is a lot harder to stay neutral now. Freddy's side and Zuzanna's reply and Freddy's latest retort kind of makes me want to write them all off. so much drama!

I personally miss the old Bodyrock days and am glad the workouts are still available or were last I checked.  DailyHiit uses so much equipment, it kind of annoys me since I don't have most of it. 

Do you find your cross training goes by the wayside once your injury heals?
mine appears to.


  1. My cross training definitely disappears when injuries resolve. Ugh! I wish I didn't do that - maybe I wouldn't get as injured. I just love running so much....but running doesn't love me right now.

  2. Daily Mile is seriously depressing when you're building back up on mileage. The worst is to compare it to last year! I don't recommend it.

  3. Wow, that Bodyrock stuff is full of drama. I have never done their workouts before. Sounds like a soap opera;)

  4. Um, wow. I just spent way too much of my life reading the BodyRock drama...that's bananas! Luckily, I love my cross training (crossfit) so it never goes to the wayside, BUT I keep meaning to get back into a yoga practice...and I keep forgetting that one :)

  5. It's hard finding time to fit everything in. When I run lots, I don't cross train as much... when I concentrate on strength training, I don't run as much.

    Sheesh.... your plan looks good I think.

  6. I'm terrible about cross training and I keep saying I'm going to do better about it but then I don't. I think you've got a great plan in place to get you to Ragnar!

  7. I always strength train, mostly because I've hired someone to make sure I do. I never could get into yoga or biking, so it just doesn't happen that often. I definitely will throw out other extras when I don't have to do them anymore!

  8. Trust me on the hill repeats, you will want them!

  9. I knew the bodyrock was full of drama but I don't think it's professional of them to air it online. I was never a Freddy fan and hope Zuzanna can get a TV deal or something. My workouts have been out the window since I have been so busy with work stuff, but finally at a point I can run more!

  10. Yes! All the time :) When my running is going well, all I want to do is run and I find it very hard to do something else. My strength training has suffered as a result and I am trying to commit to doing weights at least once a week for my current training cycle.

  11. Oh, totally on the cross training! You need it and find you kind of like it while injured, but when push comes to shove with training time, running always wins, right?

  12. Cross training is definitely the first to go and the last to come back. I'm glad you are feeling better and I hope you have a great time training for your Ragnar Relay!

  13. Kind of funny, as a triathlete I guess you really cross train most of the time. With my injury I've found it's easier to be a runner and let the swimming and cycling go. I love tris and won't give them up, but I have loved the simplicity of just running and not so many 2 a day workouts :)

  14. Wow, I don't even really know what Body Rock is, but I feel like I already get plenty of drama at my workplace so I certainly couldn't handle it in the fitness world! I always swear I'm going to stretch....and cross train...and do yoga....and lift weights...yeah that doesn't really happen.

  15. Yah I am not sure who is right/wrong in that whole bodyrock situation so I just steer clear. Drama Drama!

    Anyway good plan, so awesome you are doing ragnar CO, a goal of is to do a big relay someday!

  16. Seems like I tend to focus on one over the other. At times I'm either a runner, or a cross trainer! I need to mesh them both weekly.
    Yea DailyMile tends to intimidate me from time to time


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