Monday, July 22, 2013

Squeaking it in

I set out on Saturday with no big goals in mind only the vague notion of doing 7 miles in under an hour, but then I decided I had better get some hill running in.  I do have a Ragnar Relay coming up in about 7 weeks in Colorado that has some CRAZY elevation and lots of hills.  I did 8 or 9 hill repeats of first running down the hill half a mile and then running up two or three telephone poles and one down until I got to the top. Once I finished that I still had about three miles to go to hit seven and I didn't really figure I was going to get it done in under an hour at that point but...

I squeaked it in!

Sunday I ran 8.6 miles or so my iPhone said, my Garmin died after 1.7 miles.  I had put it on the charger before I went to bed but apparently I didn't get the connection right.  Annoying.

This morning I ran 6.3 miles easy pace again, I used both my Garmin and the Map My Run app just to see how they compared.  I accidentally saved my activity on the Map My Run about half way through and had to start a new recording, but it seemed that the Map My Run app was about .3 miles ahead of my Garmin by the time I got done with my run.  Annoying.  So I wonder which one is more accurate?

I am going with my Garmin.

The last couple of runs have felt really good and I ended them feeling like I wanted to keep on running.  More, more, more! As tempting as it is to keep running I know it isn't the smart thing for my leg.  Boo.

I am so happy with my progress though.  Feels so good to end runs that way!

I also volunteered at the Big Sky State Games at the Track and Field events in the first aid station.  All I had to do was hand out two band aids and wash off a girls hands because they were sticky.

I had been VERY VERY tempted to do the 10k.  I just wasn't sure I could take it as an easy run.  I was a little afraid that the crazy competitor in me would push too hard and hurt my quad again.  Although after I saw the 10k times I could have run at a fairly easy pace and still won the gold medal for my age group.   oh well.

 Anyone else doing the Ragnar in Colorado in September?
Garmin or Map my Run app on iPhone more accurate?


  1. Not doing Ragnar, but obviously, I'd love to meet you when you're here if you have time!

  2. My friend just did the Ragnar in Washington state last weekend! I really want to do one someday.

  3. Way to squeak it in under 60 minutes! I always have the same problem with my Garmin. So annoying!

  4. Good for your for holding back... that 10k medal will be there for you next year.

  5. You are progressing so quickly! That is a fantastic 7 miler. :-)

  6. I'd go with the Garmin. I compared the two a while back and my results were different, too. Congrats on seeing progress in your running!

  7. Your triple 59 is awesome! (I always go with the Garmin too.)

  8. Sooooo happy you're feeling better each day!!!

    I've used Nike+ app and it's fairly accurate compared to my garmin when used in an open space.

  9. I'm so glad you're getting your mileage back up! Yay for healing!

  10. You are getting there!! Stay smart and you'll be back to killing it soon!!
    I don't think any GPS devices are that accurate. I run with a group and even though we start at the same time we are always off on distance. Same with my phone and my Garmin. They just aren't that accurate.

  11. I use both my garmin and Nike Plus and they usually are pretty spot on. I prefer my phone but really need to get something to carry the dang thing in because my sweaty bra isnt cutting it right now (sorry so gross I know!)

  12. Runs where you want to keep going are the best! Such a tease when you can't, but still, it's a good feeling. I've used Garmin and Nike + like the previous commenter and on the same run they sometimes vary up to a quarter mile! It sucked my motivation to use Nike+ because it always seems to make me do "more" running!


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