Friday, October 25, 2013

So I made a dipstation

Since I am not running I have a lot of time to do things I have been putting off so I made a dip station  with PVC pipe that my husband had laying around.  Since I was using what we had it is made from 2" pipe, I think ideally it would have been made out of 1 1/2" pipe to make gripping it a little easier, but this works  great too and I am not complaining.

 It was fun to get to play with power tools and cheap to make since we had most of the parts already.  I did have to buy the end caps and a couple T-connector things.  My kids helped decorate it with some bright tape too.

it is hard to make a happy face while doing dips...fact
My husband is thrilled that now I have another piece of exercise equipment he can trip over and hang laundry on.  It is great for other exercises besides doing dips.  Like... pullups on one bar
 or two
 Knee raises.. you are welcome for another constipated face.
 and how about some elevated pushups.  Aren't you glad you can't see my face in all the pictures?
pretty sure there are more things I can do with this.  My kids list of things to use them for making tents, obstacle course races and ninja training. 

Are you a bored injured runner and want to make one too, or just want to make one?  Here is what you need. Remember I used 2" pipe, but I have seen them made with 1 1/2" pipe and think it actually would be better that way, just make sure you buy quality stuff so it holds up!

I also recommend some PVC pipe glue, but be sure to put the glue on BEFORE you really get the pipe in the connectors good.   I used colored duct tape on the top of mine to make it prettier. 

Do you make your own workout equipment so you don't have to buy it?  I do :)


  1. So crafty!! I can't say I've ever made my own exercise equipment, but I'm definitely impressed with your craftiness!

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  2. I've said this like a zillion times but woman, you are ripped!

  3. Look at you getting all Martha Stewart meets Jillian Michaels on us!! I love the way the kids decorated them for you!! Very cool though...and my husband would be the same way. There should a support group for them!

  4. Awesome! I love it! I was going to ask for something like that for Christmas but maybe I will just make it myself:)

  5. Awesome! Sounds like you might have to go searching for them at times though, with your kids imaginations!

  6. That is such a great idea! Way to go on making it yourself, I think I'll have hubby make me one :)

  7. okay, you are probably going to start getting orders for these soon! what a great idea!

    I saw your green shorts at a Target I was at earlier this week!

  8. That's freaking cool - do you the PVC would support a guy's weight? I would totally make that for home!

  9. That is awesome! BTW your arms look amazing! Keep up the good work!

  10. I love it! Very creative. And? You always gotta find a way to get duct tape in there!!

  11. Love it! I think I need to make some asap. I'm a fan of homemade workout equipment! Thanks for sharing and glad you're getting in some good workouts even with the injury.

  12. this is incredible. I'll be honest, i would be so afraid it would tip over and I would fall flat on my face. I love how you don't let injuries / setbacks keep you sidelined and you just find other ways to get your fitness in!

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