Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 another year in running

 Overall the year was not a failure, but I can't help but feel disappointed with how it all went down. It was not the plan to be injured for most of the year. 

By the numbers
  • Races run: 5
  • Half marathons: 1
  • 5ks:1
  • Adventure Relay (I was the runner for 9.4 miles): 1
  • 2 mile run with my daughter: 1
  • Ragnar Relay: 1
  • Injuries: 2 (quad strain, foot pain)
  • Miles run through the end of April 546. 
  • After April: I honestly can't say.  After I hurt my quad I quit keeping track, it was too demoralizing.
Most memorable runs/races
  • The half marathon with my little sister in March
  • The run where I put the nail in the coffin of my quad.  I knew deep down I should have taken it easy, but it was so beautiful out and my kids were at my Aunt's house, it seemed a crime to not do a long trail run. (hindsight) (ugh)
  • The first run of my Ragnar Relay.  I ran fast and without any pain for the first time in months.  The weather was amazing, the scenery beautiful and I couldn't imagine a more perfect feeling.
Favorite 3 race pictures
This one because it is the last time I felt so strong running. and well I was running strong. It was a PR for the course.  A week later I had the dreaded injured runner status.
 This one because it just makes me happy.  It was a fun run and a great day.  No PR, but I love the energy in the picture.
okay this next one isn't really a "race" picture but it is my Ragnar Relay team getting ready to start and it was SO MUCH FUN! Love this team so much they are all so amazing and we get to support the beef industry we all love so much while doing it.
How was your year in running? Hopefully you didn't spend as much time injured as I did!


  1. You DO look super strong in those pics...because you ARE!! 2014 I'm hoping lots and lots of injury free miles!!!

  2. Injuries are so tough. But even with them, I'd say you rocked 2013!

  3. I had to take it easy just before my last marathon when I wanted to be training hard - a good lesson in patience. Hoping that next year, you'll run many more miles!

  4. Agggh injuries :( Hope 2014 is pain free for you!

  5. Crazy that you were injured that long. And now running is a minimum anyway because of the weather. If all goes well are you planning on Run to the Pub again??!!

  6. Here is to a healthier and injury free year of running for you in 2014!

  7. Hope 2014 is a better year for you! Injuries really change things.


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