Thursday, December 12, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Yesterday was only my second run outside since my birthday two weeks ago.  I have to admit it felt really good to get out and run.  It was a windy 18 degrees but with all the layers I had on I stayed toasty warm.  I found the toe warmers a good call too. I did an easy 5.8 miles.  It was hard to run more than an easy pace since the road was snowy and traction was spotty.  I should have worn my Yak Trax.  Although the packed snow was so loose I don't know that it really would have done much good anyway.  I think my little dog Cola was happy to get out for a run too. 

2.  I had a notice in the mail on Tuesday that I had a package I needed to pick up from the post office so after my run I headed down to my local post office.  Only to discover they close from noon to 2 everyday and it was only 12:30.  I knew from Amazon tracking that I should really have two packages there and one of them would be my new running shoes so I decided it was worth hanging out for since I live a fair distance from the post office and it is out of my way.  I played on my phone, went to a local store and did some shopping and then went back to the post office. 

For some reason, which makes NO sense to me the mail carrier took the box of shoes to deliver and left me a box of toys to pick up.

I figure it is safe to post this since my daughter doesn't read my blog
Disappointing, especially since she then must have decided the roads were too drifty to deliver mail to us and my box of shoes never got delivered.  Aggravating also because I saw her leaving the post office at 2 when I was heading back in to pick up my boxes.  If they are going to deliver one box why not the other.  Same thing happened last week with two boxes that were the same size and about two days apart.

They weren't big boxes.  One I had to go to the post office to pick up and the other got delivered.

3. Two weeks until Christmas...eek!  I have the kids mostly done I just need to get everyone else done.  The weather has been so bad and the roads so crappy I just haven't ventured out much and I hate to do all my shopping online.  Although I may start it is pretty handy, except for the whole post office not delivering or being open when I am there. We don't even have out tree up yet.  We always go cut one and well with it being so cold out and my husband super busy we just haven't gone yet.  We are planning on it this weekend as well as sledding with the kids.

In my defense the rest of the Christmas decorations are up.  I am not a Scrooge or anything. 


  1. I've never heard of having to pick up a package at the post office. They usually just drop them off at our door if it won't fit in the mailbox. That would drive me crazy!

  2. You just gave me hives telling me there are only 2 weeks until Christmas!!!!! I have Em's birthday party this weekend and then it's Christmas mode again!!!

  3. Ooh! That would be so frustrating!! Hope your shoes arrive today. :)

  4. I heart online shopping. Amazon and Target have been delivering packages to my house almost everyday for the past two weeks. I like to order something each day so I always have a package waiting for me at home! ;)

  5. Here, the mail lady always leaves things on the doorstep. At our first house, though, if I wasn't home, they wouldn't even leave packages that FIT in the mailbox (it was kind of a sketchy area... ok, so not kind of, it WAS a sketchy area!). It also didn't matter what I had coming from UPS, EVERYTHING required a signature. So I understand the frustration!
    This reminds me that I need to get the lastt few things shipped soon, though, or they will be late. EEK!

  6. I want a job where we break from noon-2 everyday. That would be awesome. Sorry about your running shoes. Priorities!!!

  7. Riddle me this. I bought two pairs of shoes from Finish Line. One on Black Friday, one two days later. The pair I bought later got delivered last week. The first pair I ordered on Black Friday I didn't get until yesterday. Same ship date for both. What.

    I would be irritated with that too. I really don't like going to the post office to pick up stuff anyway. Mine is always really busy.

  8. Hmmm that is strange! I have not even bought a single gift yet, not kidding. We always shop way last minute. It is a little stressful, but always works out and i generally get some great deals. Have gun getting your tree this weekend!

  9. Going sledding and cutting down a real tree sounds like SO much fun! Hope you guys have a great weekend! :0) That's annoying about the boxes and the post office...sorry that happened.


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