Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Can you top this?

I don't know about you but I scored some really great Cyber Monday deals.  YAY that makes a girl happy.  Two I really loved
  • getting two pairs of my favorite Altras for less than the price of one
  • Aspaeris compression capris for 50% off (I've been really wanting these)
Don't worry it wasn't all about me I got some stuff for the kids and husband too.

I also cleaned out my purse.  I knew the Chapstick situation was getting a little crazy in there but I had no idea it was this out of hand.  15 Chapstick, lip gloss, lip balm thingys in my purse.  In my defense Chapstick brand has some really awesome limited edition flavors out right now and I had to buy several of Gingerbread and Cake Batter Flavor.  (yes I HAD to)
the pens were also getting a little out of hand.  A little worried I may have a hoarding tendency.   There was also random kid stuff and random me stuff in there, money, sunglasses etc.  I try to keep my purse pretty modest sized or the whole thing just gets filled up with crap.

Yesterday I got all dressed up to go running... twice.  and ran as far as the end of the driveway both times.   Sad. What's my lame excuse? It was just so grey and windy and rainy/sleety/snowy all day.  It wasn't really that cold at 36 degrees it was just, well kind of miserable. 

The roads were filled with muddy slush and I really hate cold wet miserable feet.  So yes I wimped out.  I watched Netflix on the elliptical and then did some strength exercises.  And I cleaned out my purse.

I feel a little bad for wimping out since it is going to be ARTIC here for the next week with below zero wind chills, but I am not really training for anything right now so I don't feel that bad.

What do you have in your purse that gets out of hand?


  1. Coupons - they can overtake my purse! So funny about getting ready to run twice and not going!

  2. Mike always makes fun of my huge purses, but I can honestly say I don't have that many chapsticks (or anything) in my bag right now. :)

  3. Ok, I totally thought your tea was something else...!

  4. Chapstick, coupons and pens seem to take over my purse! I love Chapstick and did you say gingerbread???

  5. my purse is over run with all different types of lip gloss / lip balms (i'm not loyal to one brand)- after that its random snacks that I always forget to eat, and then receipts

  6. LOL. That is a TON of stuff in a purse!!! I don't have duplicates of anything, except 2 lip gloss and usually more than one tube of Nuun. According to the weather channel, we are coming up on the coldest forecasted week in 15 years. I'm assuming they mean coldest week in DECEMBER, because we will be above zero all week... We will hit negative temps for the first time this week and have forecasted snow of up to 15" by tomorrow night. Sad.

  7. My purse is completely taken over by hairbands, hair ties, food, receipts, safety pins….. So much stuff!! ;)

    I hate slush a lot. Since we have a lot of it right now, I have been running on the treadmill a lot. I only do it because I hate slush. Have I mentioned I hate slush?

  8. You must have a massive purse to fit all that Chapstick!! My house has that many, each in a different spot so that I don't have to go more than a couple feet when I'm in need of some moisture on the lips. It snowed SOOO much yesterday that I don't even want to step outside. Thank goodness I have a treadmill!

  9. Receipts and lists!

    There is no way I would want to run in slush. Yuck.

  10. I wouldn't call you a wimp! Sometimes you just get those blahs because of the weather and don't want to fight it. You got a hard work out in anyway! Just inside :)

  11. I'm the same way but with Bert's Bees shimmer lip balm. I always put them in jacket pockets, can't find them, and then buy more. Then when winter comes I find them all again.
    I'm in Montana too...brrr it's cold right now.

  12. My purse is a disaster. I clean it out & a week later its back to usual. It is mostly receipts & lots of random kid stuff.

    Slushy running & wet feet is just not fun. I don't blame you for wimping out!

  13. Pens and receipts are out of control.

    I would of went back inside too. That is not a fun running condition.

  14. That is a SERIOUS chap stick stash!


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