Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Like a Caged Animal

I admit, I have been feeling caged in and a little cranky. The kids have been out of school, it has been really cold out the last couple of days, and I think we are all a little cooped up feeling.

  I really miss cranking out 7-10 mile runs like it is my job.  I haven't really kept track but I think I ran outside maybe three times all of December and one of those times was yesterday when I ran/walked two miles in a desperate effort to get out of the house and do something.  Walking is such a frustrating form of exercise when all you really want to do is RUN.

The roads are pretty ice packed so I started out in my Yak Trax.  Cola was pretty happy to be out too, although I think he was annoyed with all the walking too. 
look at my pretty new shoes!  First time running in them.

I have been doing other things like low impact strength training, using my kettlebell, and using the elliptical.  I really need to get a tread mill.  Not that it would help me much right now.. 

I do have an appointment with a sports medicine doctor on Thursday and I am hoping he will get me set up with a physical therapist, definitively rule out a stress fracture (I really don't think I have one, but the injury is so chronic at this point I want it ruled out to make me feel better) and set me on the path to better running. 

I am not really setting any goals for 2014 at this point that have to do with running until I can get a handle on my issues.  I do resolve to do whatever they tell me I need to do in order to get all healed up.  At this point I wouldn't even whine much if they told me no running for 8 weeks.   I felt so good in November, it is annoying to be back here again.

I feel like I have lost a lot of muscle in my right leg.  Most people probably don't even notice it, but it's my leg and I notice it.  and I don't like it.

I did order a sandbag for working out from Amazon.com since I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas.  I am really excited to get it. I have been making do with a homemade one for about three years now and while it works pretty good, it doesn't have as many great handles as this one and I am about to wear my second homemade bag.
Normally I would think first of running shoes with I had a gift card to Amazon, but I am not running that much and I just got two new pairs of shoes. I am excited to be adding this to my home gym. 
What's the newest thing you added to your home gym?  Do you find walking frustrating when you really just want to run?  I do!


  1. All of my runs now are run/walk runs and it definitely drives Bungee crazy when I take her with me. At least some exercise is better than no exercise, right?

  2. Oh my goodness yes, walking is SO frustrating when all I want to do is run. I feel your pain, girl. Hopefully you'll find out some answers and be back on the road to recovery soon!

  3. Oh yes! Walking can be so frustrating sometimes - but at least you got out of the house. And Cola, too. :) Hope you get peace of mind from your doctor.

    We recently added a roman chair/workout bench type thing. It's pretty sweet.

  4. Ugh Christy!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for Thursday!!!

  5. I am so missing running outside!

  6. Sorry to hear about your continuing injuries. Hope the sports doc can get to the root of the problem and send you on the road to recovery. I admire that you're still finding ways to work out and not let this get you down. Hang in there! And have a Happy New year!

  7. Gosh, sorry to her about the injury still plaguing you :( I'm sure it's crazy frustrating to not be able to do what you love so much. But you're being smart by backing off to let it heal. I hope the doctor will be able to give you a clear path on how to fix this annoyance.

    Happy new year!

    CB wishes Cola Happy new year as well :)

  8. I am glad to see you are making the best of it.. you AND Cola! Hope you get some good news from the doc on Thursday. Happy New Year to you.

  9. I'm sorry you aren't able to run much! Here's to a new healthy year for your legs!

  10. Walking in the boot sucks! I went for a walk yesterday and it was like having your sandbag strapped to my foot. But it's better than nuthin'! I hope you get some good answers at the doc and get back out there soon. I'm seeing my doc on Thursday, too, and hoping to get the go-ahead to get out of the boot. I know I won't be able to run yet, but I'm hoping there's been progress.

  11. Oh, I do not like walking. I feel your pain. I hope you can get back on track soon! We just bought a treadmill so I plan on using it for all my weeknight winter training.

  12. That sandbag is cool! We just added a new treamdill to our home gym....which is currently not working...not happy about it either! Hope you get healthy in 2014 and run all the miles you can manage!!!

  13. Hey Christy! I hope you find answers soon. When pain popped up again after hip and knee surgeries I didn't go back to any dr-I didn't feel like X-rays and mri's and PT again. I'm just letting time take care of it.
    I didn't get anything running related either and I was totally fine with that. It's been 6 weeks since my last run and I don't miss it at all. Running had brought south frustration over the past two years with PT for the wrong injury and then hip and knee surgeries. I hope 2014 brings you answers!!


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