Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back on track with Designer Whey

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Fitfluential on behalf of Designer Whey.

I told myself I was going watch what went into my mouth this Christmas season. I admit, it is so much easier to say this than to carry it out. So many yummy sugary things everywhere. I don't bake a lot of Christmas type treats simply because I don't want it in the house. I don't want to eat it and my kids certainly don't need more sugar. Sugar seems to get thrown at them in every direction. I did make some frosted sugar cookies so that we would have cookies for Santa.

I was introduced to Designer Whey earlier this year, you can read my review of it HERE and have used their protein powder most of the year since for protein shakes for snacks, recovery and sometimes breakfast. I ran out about a month ago and have really been missing my Designer Whey. Luckily I have some more on the whey way.

I have tried quite a few different brands of protein powder and Designer Whey is one of my favorites. They blend smooth and taste good.  Plus they have a lot of yummy flavors like White Chocolate and Vanilla Praline, plus the usuals like Vanilla and Chocolate.

Designer Whey has a lot of great products besides their protein powders that make it easy to stay on track not just because they are good, but because they are so portable.
  • Protein Bars are great to eat for a snack, and help satisfy that sweet tooth with flavors like Peanut Butter Crunch and Triple Chocolate Crunch. They all pack in 10g of protein, calcium, and B-Vitamins for 170 calories or less. 
  • Ready to drink shakes in chocolate and vanilla that have a whopping 18g of protein as well as calcium, Vitamin D (which I am apparently deficient) and B-Vitamins. The 10.5 ounce shake is only 100 calories and is great when busy.
  • Protein 2GO Post Recovery Workout Drink Mix are little powder packs that are easily thrown in a purse, lunch box, gym bag etc and then added to your bottle of water after your run, workout etc.  They add 10g of protein, vitamins and electrolytes to your water and come in three flavors: Mixed Berry, Lemonade, and Tropical Orange.
As a working mom I admit life gets pretty busy sometimes trying to "do it all".  Designer Whey is super helpful in figuring out a nutritional protein filled, low calorie snack, post workout recovery nutrition and keeping up with my busy life. 

My favorite thing to keep around is the protein bars because they fill my sweet tooth cravings

Designer Whey products are part of my plan to get back on track starting now.  Healthy snacks, cleaner eating (I simply cannot eat clean ALL the time), protein bars from Designer Whey and shakes for snacks, like this one made with White Chocolate protein powder, almond milk, spinach and pineapple. 

Did your eating get derailed around Christmas?  Ready to get back on track?  I am!


  1. OMG! I feel like I ate everything in sight over the holiday. I'm going to pick up some Designer Whey next time I head to the store. Hopefully it'll help curb the sugar cravings, and get me back on track!

  2. My Christmas eating was right where I wanted it to be - lots of delicious treats! There's 51 other week in the year to eat healthy - well minus birthday, vacation, thanksgiving....ok maybe not 51 :).

  3. Sounds like they have a wide variety of great things to try! Thanks for sharing! I ate WAY too many sweets over the holidays - feels good to be (somewhat) back on track!

  4. I am so ready to get back on track! I ate way too much sugar over the holidays and I can really feel it:/ Ugh!


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