Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Last Long Run and a Flipbelt Review and Discount Code

Disclaimer:  I received a Flipbelt for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way and was not required to give a good review,  all opinions expressed are my own.
Due to the rainy rainy weekend and knowing that I would have today off work while the kids went to school I decided to save my long run for today.  The weather was nice and cool for it and it felt pretty good until about 9 miles in and then it was rough. My legs were tired and crampy.    Maybe I should have fueled better. I had planned to do 15, but decided it wasn't my day. Still not a bad run and only 11 days and 18 hours until the Bozeman Half Marathon!  YAY
One of the things I have used on my runs lately has been a Flipbelt. 

What is a
you ask?
Flipbelt is a tubular band designed to wear around your waist or hips. 

It has four opening you can use to tuck your essentials into the Flipbelt, including a clip to hook keys to. 

What do I put in mine?
My phone, chapstick, toilet paper, gels, and sometimes bear spray.

Worried about things falling out?  Just flip it so that the openings are against you. 

How do I like running with it?
Very well.  I was using an armband for my iPhone and a belt for my water and gels, and toilet paper.  I didn't want to wear two belt type things so I used my Camelback to hydrate with on the long runs I wore my Flipbelt for.  I didn't have to adjust the Flipbelt while running, which is a huge plus in my book.

Easy and comfortable to use
Machine washable
Super stretchy
I can fit a lot of things in it easily

Not waterproof, so if you are worried about getting your phone, ipod, whatever wet you need to protect it with a plastic bag, which is no big deal.

I can't put my water in it.

Want to try one for yourself?  Use the code sweat33 to get 33% off your entire purchase at Flipbelt 
They have lots of pretty colors to pick from.

 What are you currently using to put all your things in while you run?
Have you tried a Flipbelt yet?

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  1. Great 14 miler! I have never tried a Flip Belt but it looks like something I would like!

  2. Sounds like a great belt! I'm glad I've never needed to carry bear spray in my spi-belt, but I wouldn't mind living in the mountains someday where I might need it.

  3. I am one of those people who carries just about nothing when I run! I have never taken my phone on a run and will only do a key and maybe a couple of gels if I am doing 20s. But this does look like a cool belt!

  4. Have you ever used a Spibelt before? I am curious how the two compare!

  5. I got rid of mine because I didn't want to have to use two items (one to hold gear and one for water). I used it occasionally for bike riding though if I was wearing something without pockets.


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