Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Tuesday was the first day of school.  Hard to believe my babies are so big!   I still remember Avery being a baby and thinking it felt like forever until they were both in school and now it is the second year they have both been in school.
Makes the house seem so quiet on my days off.  Gymnastics and flag football both start up soon so we will be busy with that and these quiet days will let me get things like laundry done. and runs too of course.

2. I couldn't resist when I saw this yoga DVD.
although the main program in 82 minutes long!  I made it through the first 36 last night and will try for the whole things again this afternoon.  It does have a shorter program for when you don't have 122 minutes (that is a lot of time!) It is an intermediate program and I did find it more challenging than I am used to so I really like that.  I can see how it will help build strength.

3.  I am really missing this view on runs

I haven't run here since I had a run in with a bear.  The bear(s) have been seen multiple times since then so I have to assume they are still around.  I am going to wait until hibernation time (December) until I attempt this run again.  Sad.  This is my favorite place to run. Just looking at me makes me crave a run...
yup better go!


  1. That is pretty scary: running into a bear. I would wait too. But I see why you miss it. Gorgeous view.

  2. BEARS?!?!? Oh mercy... I usually get deer, but no bears...
    I'm sorry - aint no body got time for a yoga video that long.. that's kinda crazy

  3. That's a shame you can't go there for a while because of bears. Looks like a great road to run on for miles and miles!

  4. Okay, that's a long video. I wish they had shorter segments for busy runners who are also moms and um, RUNNERS. I suppose it works well to just break it up ourselves but it would be helpful if they had a yoga video like this for runners where they had short (say 15 min) segments to just reset, stretch, etc. and then a longer segment for when we wanted more. Interested in hearing more. I had a dream last night that I mentioned on my involved a court mandated yoga for runners program. Hmmm. Maybe it's a sign that I need this video .

    1. I guess what I meant in regards to being runners is that if we are training for something, running often takes so much time that even another 30 minutes for yoga can seem like a lot!

  5. Wow! 2 hours is a long time to dedicate to an exercise session but I bet it would be wonderful! Good to stay away from the bears!

  6. Yeah I like yoga but that is intense! I'll go to the occasional Bikram class (90 min) but I can't imagine just doing a DVD in the living room that long - I commit to Bikram bc I pay for it lol!

  7. Love the amazing views on your runs!! My boys finally started back at school today and now I need to get the house and myself back in order;) And I can get back to blogging and reading my favorite blogs:) Been missing it!


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