Thursday, August 14, 2014

Three Things Thursday with only a small rant

1. I was in Instagram last when when I saw someone post something along the lines of "yay I just became an ambassador for product ABC!! It just came in the mail and I am so excited to try out ABC tomorrow on my run!!"

Anyone else have any issues here? if you don't read it again.

I wanted to clarify so I asked if she had tried ABC before and she said  "no, they contacted me and sent me the product."

A: what kind of company asks someone to be an ambassador for their product when the person doesn't even use it 

B: what kind I person agrees to be an ambassador and then brags about being an ambassador before they even try the product? 

I know I would be skeptical of any review they would give. It all reeks of desperation or something.

2. My garden is starting to turn out zucchini and cucumbers like nobody's business so I am busy finding new zucchini recipes to try out.  Stuffed zucchini boats and zucchini Parmesan fries were both winners in my book, although the kids weren't so impressed.  I am going to try the boats with bacon.  Bacon after all makes everything better.

I would love any suggestions for zucchini,  for cucumbers for the matter.

3. Running.  I am having a fabulous running week.  Everything is feeling strong and I am feeling good.  I feel like my motivation is coming back and I am hitting 30+ mile weeks easily.   I am doing a two mile run with the kids this weekend.  A little sad I won't be racing the 5 mile portion of the run, but I promised the kids a run with me this summer and here it is.

They were pretty excited about picking up our t-shirts and bibs this morning, all we had to do was go to the dentist first. They both hated the numb cheeks.

Lucky for them it was an okay race swag bag with some fun things inside like mints, chapstick, a pen and a notepad.  There were tech tees, but I registered one day too late to get one so we got cotton.

So.. do you have any ideas for me with the zucchini and cucumbers?


  1. I wish I had some ideas... I have a lot of cucumbers the neighbors have given me... so I guess you can give them to your neighbors :)

  2. Cucumbers are great in Greek dishes. Like a cold salad with fresh tomato, red onion, and feta cheese!

  3. so random but i literally just made this last night

    grew up with something similar as a kid only i slide up white onions real thin too... yum

  4. I have noticed a few recipes for zucchini noodles, that look interesting

  5. Of course I am a zoodles fan! If you don't spiralize you can just run a veggie peeler down the sides and make ribbons. I like them in a Ribbon Salad.. if you want, you can find a simple recipe on my food blog. Lots of zukes? How about zuke muffins, or a loaf... with chocolate, too. I also have a lovely Summer Salad recipe with cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and an easy dressing.

  6. p.s YES to everything tasting better with bacon! :)

  7. Hmm yeah I'm with you on that rant - seeing similar situations more and more.

    Zucchini bread is always good. And yes, everything is better with bacon ;)

  8. Do you have a veggetti? It makes "noodles" out of vegetables. I LOVE making zucchini noodles and treating them exactly like fettucini or spaghetti noodles.
    And yes, yes, yes to the bacon in the zucchini boat. I did not know a baconless boat was an option. :)
    The "ambassador" should be at least embarrassed. The company is a moron for soliciting people who don't already know/use their product. I would never agree to promote a product with which I wasn't familiar and a prior fan.
    Hooray for happy running!!!

  9. I am SO with you on that ambassador crap!!!

  10. Enjoy running with your kiddos this weekend!

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  12. The Zucchinis look amazing! You can make zoodles or lasagna :)

  13. Zucchini Relish! ;) I am jealous of your zukes and cukes. Very jealous. Yeah.... I'd like to actually try a product first and like it before I sign on to be an ambassador!


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