Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend flew by, but it was awesome.  The weather was perfect all weekend.  We took the kids on several long rides and I love that they are getting so comfortable on their horses.
I could take in these views all day.
Family picture. Me on Pepsi (not shown) Avery on Shorty, Cade on Cow Gent, and Rance on CJ.

I ran down and met up with the family when they put out some salt and mineral for the cows and we took turns shooting a 22.  Cade even shot a bullseye.
Cola however was not impressed with the shooting noises and took off.  We found him halfway home. Poor Cola!

The kids also got in lots of great cousin time while working cows, coming over to play and spending the night.

Little cowboys melt my heart everytime
and I did get in two great runs including my long run.
no yoga or cross training, but between the riding, running, cows, cousins, picking crab apples and gardening there wasn't much time for anything else!

How was your Labor Day weekend?


  1. Such beautiful scenery! And great long run!!!

  2. Oh, how lovely! Those cowboys are the cutest!

    Looks like you had a wonderful Labor Day!


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