Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Motivation and an Armpocket winner

I have to be honest two things have me super excited to run outside today

1.  "the Sunny Twenties" Pretty self explanatory. Cold right now, but later on sunshine and compared to what we had last week, warm out there!

It is my favorite winter running weather.  Something about it is so invigorating.

2. I didn't run outside all weekend!  I did the elliptical, yoga, and a HIIT workout, but no running.  That has left me feeling a little cagey and wanting to get outside.  I probably could have fit it in, but Saturday was nonstop things to get done in town and then I had a sick kid.

Little cowgirl finished her last event at her mini meet and then proceeded to throw up.  She did get all blue ribbons!

Sunday was uber windy out, my husband was busy and I didn't want to take my kid to anyone's house while I ran and run the risk of anyone getting sick.

and the winner of the ArmPocket giveaway is...Jen B at Running With the Girls.  If you haven't checked out Armpocket yet you should, I love mine! and check out my bio on their blog!

What is motivating you today to get out and run?


  1. 5 degrees, that's cold!!! My week didn't really go as planned either. I hope your daughter feels better!

  2. Oh no!! I hope your daughter is feeling better! That temp will certainly have you running quickly!!

  3. Your daughter's haircut looks so cute! And sorry she threw up. Was it nerves?

  4. I completely relate to feeling cagey! I didn't run outside all last week, either. just too cold. Thankfully, I have a treadmill I can at least get a few miles on. :)

  5. This California girl would probably die in those temps! 58 this morning, but Santa Ana winds were blowing at about 20 mph and humidity was 7%. Motivating me to get out? 27 days until the Honolulu Marathon! It's not gonna be cold there either.

  6. Treadmill today. Rainy and cold. Ewe. Yay for winning!!!


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