Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stuff you can't make up

My daughter complained of an itchy head as I was bundling her off to school.  I reassured her hats can make heads itchy and we went through several hats before she found one of mine she liked.  I did also check both kids over for lice since it has made the rounds at school already this year.  I didn't see anything I was positive for lice, but I couldn't rule it out really either.

I decided I would Google it later and just pick up some lice control things on my way home from work as a precautionary.  I Googled it.  EW ew ew.  I doubled my resolve to double check the kids when I got home.

While at work my mom texted me "Happy Anniversary".  Oops. The cowboy and I both forgot about it this morning.  Made a mental note to pick up some wine after work and try to make plans to go out and eat this weekend.

As I was eating lunch I got a call from the school.  My daughter had been to the nurse's office twice complaining of itchy head.  They had checked her over thoroughly twice and hadn't found anything, possibly she just had an itchy dry scalp.  Three girls from her class went home with lice though.  I thought of the Google images, itchy scalp, things I had seen this morning that could be nits or eggs and how she crawled in bed and slept on my pillow with me the night before.

My scalp got itchy.

I stopped and picked up two bottles of wine, chocolate, and some lice stuff on my way home.

Luckily I had thrown a roast in the crock pot before I left for work, because after checking both kids heads... they both had it and I didn't want to cook, I wanted to delouse everything.

The little cowboy needed a haircut anyway so my husband got out the trimmers and got to work.  He picked a really short one though and pretty soon our son was crying he was bald and he looked bad.  Little Cowgirl of course thought it was funny.

Little Cowgirl then decided maybe she should cut her hair a little and asked me to trim it up to her shoulders.  I told her to sit up straight and made the first cut.  She hunched her shoulders and it ended up chin length. 

Cue the drama.

Now she was crying she looked like a boy and it was ugly.  Now it was Little Cowboys turn to laugh. 

Then I spent the next hour combing out nits and eggs and..eww lice.  All the while washing all the bedding and laundry.. two days after I washed all the bedding in the closet due to mouse poo in the closet on everything.

My husband washed dishes. Truly a monumental thing. He never does dishes unless I am gone or sick. So romantic. 

After all the drama both kids are loving their new hair cuts. 

My husband and I then checked it other's heads, declared each other clean for now and wished each other a happy 9th anniversary.

You can't make this shit up, but you can laugh about and scratch your head.


  1. I'm itching now!! I was a school secretary for 7 years and saw my fair share of lice. Of course the worst was when I got chicken pox at age 23! Who says kids don't know how to share??

  2. Too funny! It's an anniversary you WILL remember.

  3. Hahahah omg. What an anniversary! :)

  4. Real life, right there. Sorry for all the drama, but happy anniversary!

  5. Oh no!!!! I swear my head was itchy just thinking about it. Way to spend your anniversary! ;)

  6. Ha! Such a good post. you won't ever forget your 9th anniversary now :) Hopefully you will stay clear and they won't return!

  7. Heeheeeeeee! Only a parent knows the feeling, right? ;)

  8. Way to ring in a new year of marriage!

  9. Wow, haha! The joys of kids and marriage. I am looking so forward to But on a serious note: Happy Anniversary and may you have many more.

  10. How crazy! Happy Belated Anniversary. What a wild day it turned out to be!

  11. Oh man. What an anniversary! I hope the lice situation is all taken care of!

  12. I have nightmares about lice. You handled that very well :)

  13. Ugh. My head itches every time I see a kid with lice. And yes, it happened at my house...


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