Monday, November 10, 2014

ArmPocket Review and Giveaway

A friend of mine introduced me to ArmPocket in July and the first time I ran in one was during a half marathon.  I loved it right away and run nearly every run with it now.
mine went across the Golden Gate Bridge with me 
How about a quick run down of all the things I love about my ArmPockets, besides the bright colors
I have the Sport I-25 in the orange and in the yellow.

The zipper.

The gripper tabs on it are grippy not slippy. (too cheesy?)  They are.  I also like that there is two zipper tabs.  Makes it easy to zip up around my ear bud cord and to access the pocket while running if I need to, which I frequently do to adjust the volume.

The fabric.

It is thick and durable.  and water resistant.  and I love the bright colors it comes in.
There is also a reflective stripe around the outside. It is also machine washable.  After Ragnar Napa I needed to wash mine it was sweat soaked and then was wrapped in a bag with all my sweaty clothes for four days.  Ew. 

I can fit my phone inside while still in the Otterbox case.  I used to have to take my phone out of the case while running which I found annoying.  I can also have full control over my phone without having to take it out of the ArmPocket thanks to the clear protective cover.

Two pockets inside to put money, keys, gels, what ever.

I have put money, a key, my phone, a gel, and chapstick in during a race. and usually just carry my phone and chapstick while running at home.
from the website, showing how it can be stuffed!
 and here is a breakdown to show you how much detail goes into an Armpocket

I also have just learned about the headphone holes on the bottom.  How did I not already know this?
This is from the Armpocket website, it is how I learned about the ear bud holes and notice Jason Aldean with Dirt Road Anthem playing on the phone shown.. and my blog is My Dirt Road Anthem...
 and there is a handy velcro strap on the side to tuck your head phone cord into to keep it out of the way.

tuck all the slack in and avoid the flying cord problem

What is it like to run with?  I was so worried I would be adjusting it constantly or that it would cut off circulation to my arm.  Nope. Doesn't bounce, wicks sweat, isn't constricting.

My orange one is a size small and my yellow a medium.  I find that I prefer the longer strap to the smaller one.  They both are comfortable to run in, but I find the small sometimes comes undone easier.  If in doubt size up is my advice.
 Check out more about the ArmPocket  here.
It isn't just great for running I also use it when
  •  gardening, yard work
  • biking
  • hiking
  • cleaning the house
  • on the rowing machine
  • strength training
To find the one that would work best with your phone start here or check out this handy graph
Want to win one? 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!  Winner is not guaranteed to win the model I have shown. 

Can't wait to get one?  Use this discount code to save $5! 5OFFCG
It is valid for $5 off orders of $49.95 or more. It cannot be combined with any other offer and must be used at It is valid through November 24, 2014.


  1. I hope I win! My armband is falling apart and is chaffing so bad I have scars under my arms from my Ragnar race when I used it!

  2. I use my hands. I need something better :-)

  3. I just got my first iPhone and don't have a case yet. Looks like a good one to try! I really want to win!

  4. I usually carry my stuff - NOT ideal haha!

  5. I carry my phone and keys when I run.-Amy

  6. I use a Cheap arm band. Need something better!!!

  7. These ArmPockets look like they have plenty of storage for phone, ID, and most importantly post race beer money!

  8. I need a new one so bad. My new phone wont fit in anything I used to carry.
    I love the bright colors!!!

  9. I use an old arm style that I had to sew new velcro on to, lol. I love that this one has an extra pocket for ID/keys etc.

  10. Right now I carry everything in my pockets or I carry my phone. I would love to get the bouncing pouch under control!!

  11. Completely unrelated but I saw the weather that seems to be coming your way in the next few days. I hope you and your family stay warm and safe!

  12. I sometimes wear a Nathan belt for my phone, but it's not the most comfortable. Or I hold it in my hand...not the most convenient.

  13. I usually do not run with my phone, but I should. I LOVE the bright colors of the ArmPocket.

  14. I dont run with my phone. But need to since I am doing run disney

  15. I currently just carry my phone in my hand, which is not fun. I'm learning that in cold temps my phone will die quickly so I need something to keep it out of the elements!

  16. I currently use my iFitness belt to carry my phone when I am running.

  17. I carry my phone in my jogging stroller or when running without baby frequently drop it from the many different places I try to stash it. I could definitely use one of these!

  18. I don't always carry my phone. Lately I've been putting it in my new SPI belt, but the arm pocket would be great for easier access.

  19. I don't carry a phone, but lately I have been admiring other runners Armpockets

  20. Since I've upgraded phones, I no longer have a carrier for a phone! So now I'm carrying my phone and it drives me crazy!!!!

  21. I think I need this. I carry my phone in my hand (when I carry it at all) for runs that aren't long enough for my hydration pack. It's uncomfortable, but I hate taking my phone out of the Otterbox to run (especially since I've dropped it more than once while trying to take running pictures).

  22. I have an arm band but it only carries my phone, so I would love winning this to store more during my runs!

  23. Right now I carry my phone in my hand and if I have to run with a key I wear running bottoms with a pocket. This ArmPocket looks awesome!

  24. I use my fanny pack to carry my phone, but it is a pain when I need to adjust the volume, change music or check my time. Plus my earphone cord keeps getting in the way when I run.


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