Friday, January 30, 2015

Week 4 Week in Review of 2015

This wasn't my best week ever, I had some sick kid issues and taking kid to dentist issues and not feeling good myself issues, but it was by no means a bad week either.

Sunday  Run 6.21 miles  Easy run, I have to admit I was tired for this one. The cowboy and I had  been out late the night before with friends.

Monday Run 8.2 miles
              P90X3 The Warrior Workout

Tuesday  P90X3 Yoga

Wdnesday home with a sick kid 45 minutes on the elliptical and I felt a little off myself so I skipped the P90X3
Thursday 10.15
                 P90X3 Accelerator
Friday P90X3 Pilates
Saturday 8.1 miles I have to admit, I was not feeling this run at the start but did pretty well with it once I got into the intervals.  800x8
             P90X3 Yoga
Miles for the week  32.66
Month 113.34

And we celebrated my daughters 7th birthday today even though her birthday isn't until Tuesday.
And winter came back about an hour after my run. This week was so nice, we knew it wouldn't last.

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