Sunday, January 18, 2015

week in review and Goodbye to Runty

It  was a good week for workouts and half training. 
Sunday  Run 6 miles
              P90X3 the Challenge workout
              24 minute HIIT workout with my husband (mostly lower body and abs as my arms
                were shot from the Challenge (it is all pullups and pushups)
Monday Run 10.25 miles
              P90X3 Isometrix  .. thoughts on it... hard but not overly challenging.  Good for a lighter
Tuesday  P90X3 CVX workout.  I found this the most challenging of all the workouts so far

Wednesday P90X3 Synergistics workout
                    15 minutes of yoga
                     5 mile run with hill repeats and some tempo like running

Thursday P90X3 Yoga

Friday P90X3 Warrior Workout
Saturday P90X3 Accelerator Workout
               Run 7.38 miles with intervals
Weekly run total 28.63 miles
Run total for the year 55.28

Thought on P90X3:  I have to admit I thought it would be a lot harder than it is.  I do enjoy that it is only 30 minutes which makes it completely doable in the mornings before I have to go to work.   I do feel like I am getting in a good workout.

Our little Runty cat passed away last night.  Broke all of our hearts. I haven't told my daughter yet as she spent the night at my mom's house with her cousin last night.  I knew Runty's life expectancy wasn't good, but I still wasn't ready for it.  She had a lot of issues including poor eyesight, some kind of cerebral palsy and she worked really hard to breath when she purred.  She was the sweetest little cat though and stole all our hearts with her sweetness.  She loved nothing more than a full belly and a warm place to snuggle.
I have always had a soft spot for little cats and Runty with her can do attitude despite her disabilities really had me. 


  1. Oh I'm so sorry. I know how hard that is. Big hugs to you and your kids.

  2. What a sweet kitty. I know she will be missed.

  3. sorry about your loss it is always difficult when you loss a member of your family she was a very cute cat

  4. Oh, I hope your daughter is okay once she knows.I remember losing my first kitty and just being devastated. My thoughts are with you and her!

  5. So sorry to hear about Runty. Big hug for all of you. x

  6. Oh my I am so sorry to hear about Runty. You are such a good kitty mama/nurse and I know you gave her the best care and lots of love. Sweet pictures and good memories.

  7. So sorry about Runty. Hugs to all of you!

  8. So sorry about Runty:( She had a blessed life while she was on earth:)


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