Friday, January 23, 2015

Gone For a Run's PR Recovery Sandals Review

I was given the opportunity to review a pair of Gone For a Run's PR Recovery Sandals and I jumped at the chance.  Sandals designed just for runner's to wear after a run... I am so there! 

First impressions were that they seem very durable, flexible and washable.  The cushiony insoles felt comfy on my feet just walking around the house.

The first time I wore them after a half marathon last fall my feet were feeling tired and sore from the half and I felt like I was getting a blister on one of my toes so I couldn't wait to get back to my car and put them on. 

Bliss.  Look at all those massaging bumps in the shoe!

They sell for 29.99 on the website and are well worth it in my opinion.  I wear mine around the house quite a bit and will be packing them to wear after the Run to the Pub Half Marathon in March.

What they say about them on the Gone For a Run site
How do PR SOLES work? The unique raised triggers on the acupoint soles activate nerve endings in the feet that send healing relief through the entire body. These triggers are specially designed to massage your feet improving circulation and breaking up painful lactic acid and uric acid that accumulate in the feet after a workout or any extended time on your feet.
Are you sold yet?  Then how about this..
  Benefits of Applying Massaging Action to the Feet:
  1. Improves circulation by stimulating blood flow, which will refresh the feet and legs.
  2. Alleviates foot, leg and lower back pain.
  3. Reduces swelling and tension.
  4. Feet and legs recover faster.
I don't know about you, but my lower back always feels really tight after a long run, so if it helps with that I am really sold.  I can also tell you I ran 13.1 miles for a long run on Wednesday and I put my sandals on as soon as I got home and showered.

My legs were feeling pretty good the rest of the day as I went about laundry and house cleaning. 

There are different color options too.. check them out!


  1. Oh those sandals look so comfy! I need to invest in a pair soon. What a great idea to slip into a pair of sandals after a race.

  2. They look and sound fantastic! All runners need a little post-run pampering like that!

  3. I love your blue honeycomb leggings even more than the sandals you're reviewing! Ha! Seriously-- where do you shop for running clothes?!

  4. They do look comfy. My lower back is tight after running long too. I have an old pair of Croc flip-flops that have the "bumps" in the footbed. They work great, even though technically not designed for recovery. I wear them all the time, with socks even. I'd like to try these.

  5. I have these and LOVE them! I am quite the fashionista when I wear them post-run with compression socks ;)

  6. This sounds intriguing... they kind of look like crocs but with a better insole...might have to check them out!


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