Monday, February 23, 2015

Another week. another 31 miles

The week started out pretty good, but then kind of fizzeled out.. not sure if I was just feeling tired this week or just busy... or lazy.  P90X3 hasn't been happening too much.. I wish it had more ab work which is why I have been doing Zuzkalight's 6 pack abs once a week.

Sunday yoga 45 minutes
             run   8.1 miles
Monday Run 12 miles
              P90X3 Incinerator

Tuesday  yoga 30 minutes before work

Wednesday P90X3 yoga
                    Run 8 miles  tempo run that went way better than I expected.

Thursday yoga 30 minutes
               Zuzkalight 6 pack abs
Friday Zuzkalight 55 minutes power yoga

Saturday 3.45 miles with hill repeats.  This run didn't go as planned .. I wasn't feeling very good so I called it a run early and went and took a nap. I felt pretty puny most of the day.. bleh.  So not as many miles this week as I was hoping for, but still a good week!

week 31.55
month 103.4
year 217.74

Winter also came back this week.  Boo,  I was really liking the warmer weather.  It was quite a teaser for a couple weeks with some 60 degree days.  Yesterday  I got up and it was 7 degrees, without the windchill. 

19 days until my next half marathon!! 

How was your weekend?   How soon until your next race?
Did you watch the Oscars?  Oh hell no.  I have three words for it.. boring, eye rolling, boring.  I am not a person to follow celebrities though.


Because I love hearing from you all!