Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Five

or maybe Friday four, or more.  I'm not counting.

Wow what a messed up week this has been!  It didn't really start that way, but after Tuesday it all fell off what I had lined up in my head.  I got the day off Wednesday since we weren't too busy and took my daughter to a dentist apt so my husband could work.  I took her to school afterwards and was hemming and hawing about doing my long run Wednesday or Thursday  (my regular day off) when I was asked if I could work Thursday. 

That pretty much made the decision for me.. a long run Wednesday it was.  and a glorious one.  I have to admit running is going really well right now.  The day was really overcast, but it couldn't take away from the beauty of hitting this view at 7 miles in.
I paused here and Cola pawsed (sorry bad pun) to get in my Prana and FitApproach yoga move for #bringingyogaback and was rewarded with a cramp in my left quad.  I did get a better picture, and used that one on Instagram for the challenge.
see.. I just apparently didn't edit this one.. eh, can't win em all.
Happily it wasn't as muddy as I feared it may be along the way. The last time I ran on this route, I ran into a bear.  I heard the bears were waking up early due to the warm weather we were having this last week, so I had my bear spray on.  Happily I didn't have to use it.  See... no bears.
So I worked a half a day yesterday, but had to leave early to get recertified in CPR (rest assured I passed in flying colors.  I am a test taking whiz, not only did I finish first, but I got all the questions correct)(yes I am a little competitive)

Then I was up most of the night last night taking care of a sick little girl who threw up on every blanket in the house (minor exaggeration, but it felt like it) I went in to work this morning knowing I has a short room.  I did my two cases and came home so my husband could go to work.  I feel like I was at work a lot, but I hardly worked.

This sick kid routine is getting old!  My poor little munchkins, the last two weeks were fevers and coughs and this time around it looks like a GI thing.  Different at least, but sick all the same.  Crossing my fingers I don't get this round of fun either and it is limited to one kid.. maybe that is asking too much, but at least I got in a glorious 14 mile long run.

How was your week?


  1. I'm sorry. Bear spray? Nope nope nope! LOL! I don't know how this city girl would handle that!

    Our week was busy, but good. I hope your little ones are feeling better soon. There are so many nasty bugs going around :(

  2. Great post! I have a random question-- how do you take your self-photos while out on runs? Do you use a phone? a real camera? lean it against a fence post? Self-timer? Bring a camera stand? lol I would love some tips!

  3. When I was in Montana last summer I worried about seeing bears. I wore bells on my shoes. Never saw one though. Around here, I worry about skunks, especially when I'm running in the dark. I have been attacked by two geese before. That sucked!


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