Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I had my butt kicked

Once I wrote a blog post about running in windy weather.  I wrote it because where I live it tends to be windy a lot and running in the wind is unavoidable. Yesterday was one of those very windy days and I had a long run to do.  Like windier than usual. I briefly considered putting it off for later in the week, but later in the week is all booked up.  There is no time for a long run later in the week.

Since I also had to watch Downton Abbey before I could go for a long run this limited my running routes as I now had no time to drive somewhere less windy and run.   To get to a less windy area I just have to drive about 2 miles and I am at a much lower elevation and less windy.    I could have run down the big hill, but the thought of running back up the big hill at the end of a 13 mile long run was somehow worse than running in 28 mph winds.

It still would have been windy down the hill, just not as bad.

So I made a critical error and I ran with the wind to start with.  Let me just say the last half of my run was about 2/3 into the wind and was incredibly mentally challenging. All because I wanted to run a loop type route instead of an out and back and out and back.

I kept thinking the run felt so hard and I felt so tired. I questioned how in shape I was.  I wondered it I was overtrained.  Then I turned and ran cross ways with the wind for a quarter mile and marveled at how good I felt! 

I think the day would have been rather perfect for running if not for the wind. It was sunny and in the 20s. 

That wind was a butt kicker, but I got it done.  Take that wind!

Now I wonder if maybe I should always run into the wind at the end, otherwise I wonder if I wouldn't turn around earlier if I had to run into it to start with on a long run.

What is worse than a long windy run to you?  Maybe if it were raining too.  I hate running in a cold rain.


  1. Great job for getting out there anyway!

  2. I hate the wind, too. And when I was low heart rate training, let me tell you how much of a difference it makes to run into a headwind--it kills the heart rate! I am also a bit tired of really cold runs. Today it was 4. That sucked. Spring is coming, right?

  3. I'd take your butt-kicking wind pace any ol' day. ;) I don't like wind either but I think humidity wins out at the worst running condition for me. I just can't breathe. At least with the wind, you can get it behind you for some of the run.

  4. Running in the wind is seriously the worst! I ran a half and the 1st 6 miles were in full wind and it rained the whole race:/ Flat course but worst race ever! Way to push through:)

  5. There is nothing more mentally challenging than running in a stiff wind! Way to go! If I can't get my husband to drop me off somewhere so that I can choose a less windy route home, I try to run out into the wind and then with the wind at my back on the way back. On the way out when it's really sucky, I just keep telling myself that I'm really going to fly when I get to the turnaround!! Then it feels like a reward. :)

  6. The tough days make the easy days even sweeter! Good job, Christy!


  7. Running in the wind is not fun. We get it bad here, too... and it's about to get into the super-windy season. Yay. I usually do a bob-and-weave course when it's really windy so I'm not facing it or running with it for too long at a time.

  8. (((bows in awe but CAINT GET UP because of the wind)))


  9. I still prefer to run into the wind on an out and back and then have it push me on the way back. It sucks, especially when it is collecting cold from the ocean or the snow (or both) but that relief of the end feeling so much easier helps me cope. Great job out there! And oooohhh I'm sad only one more Downton Abbey.

  10. Wind is tough enough but wind AND rain. NOPE not me. I always try to start out into the wind if I can because coming home with it at my back is so much better.

  11. I prefer to run into the wind at the start, I know that once I can turn around it will feel so much better! Wind and cold rain are my worst enemies when running.


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