Thursday, February 5, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. For some reason I can never remember my password to Wordpress.  I only need it to comment on blogs that use Wordpress.  I have changed my password nearly every time I have to enter it in the last year.  It won't let me use any of my commonly used ones because apparently I have already used them.  So I have to think up a new one that I think I will remember and I NEVER do.  So annoying.  I say this because I just had to change it again. and I know I won't remember it because it wouldn't let me put in anything I would remember.    I had to change it so I could comment on THIS post from Rural Running Redhead.  It's worth the read.

2. My daughter turned 7 this week.

3. These last couple of weeks have not gone as planned as far as getting in my long runs... so I decided to go with Carla Birnberg's #WYCWYC (what you can when you can) and I ended up getting in an unexpected 9 mile long run after work yesterday.  I got off work about an hour early. I was shooting for 10+ miles, but the guts had something to say about that.  I had to run back to the house a mile in and then had to abort the run early for the same reason.  Ugh.  Not a normal problem.  and then the school bus was there with my darlings. 

The run felt amazing great and at least I got in 9 miles.


  1. I keep a spreadsheet of passwords. It's ridiculous. Your daughter is precious! I like the WYCWYC mentality. I need to remember when I get really overloaded.

  2. Fantastic post from the Rural Running Redhead! Definitely worth the password hassle. Second the #WYCWYC!

  3. I also keep a spreadsheet of passwords! It's gotten out of control...especially those ones that need one upper letter and two lower letters and a symbol and a number, but they cannot be in row, or something like that. So annoying!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! I knew my fellow country girl would totally understand my point.

    I have the same problem with my iTunes password. I finally just doubled the last letter of one of my usual passwords, and now I remember it (for now...).

  5. My gmail password is the same way :/ It wont let me reuse ANY old passwords, so I've had to reset it MANY-A-TIME and if I don't stay logged in...I have to come up with yet another password. Frustrating! I like the idea of #WYCWYC...It'll be my type of training once I have 3 kids in the house :S

  6. Happy birthday to your daughter - she's gorgeous!

    I also like the idea of 'what you can when you can' - sounds perfect for a mama :) .


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