Monday, June 16, 2014

Heart and Soul 10k Recap: Rain and No Garmin

I got up Saturday morning to a 20% chance of rain.  When I looked out the window it was sprinkling.  It wasn't long before it was raining pretty hard.  My kids thought I was "crazy, brave and tough" for doing a run in the rain.

By the time I drove into town the rain had quit and it was a beautiful morning for a race.  Temps were in the low 50s and it overcast, slight breeze.  The 5k started at 8 am and while that was going on I had my gait analyzed. I will discuss that in another post or this will be really long!

I tried to turn on my Garmin 10 minutes before the race started. I figured that should be enough time for it to find satellites.. Wrong. By the time the gun went off it was still searching.  UGH.  I started the timer anyway hoping it would latch on to a satellite soon.  Spoiler: IT NEVER DID.  It was really cloudy and raining the first three miles of the race, but it usually still manages to find a satellite within 5 minutes even when it is cloudy.

Moving on from that.  I have not run a race by feel since I ran a 5k like that years ago and PRd.  The rain had just picked back up when the gun went off and it felt wonderful.  The first two miles of the race I felt like I had perm grin.  I was using an 11 year old girl to pace myself. It's true.

She had finished just ahead of me at the last race (a five mile race) so I figured if I kept her in my sights I would be pretty close to where I wanted to be.   Miles 3,4, and 5 felt really long.  Mile 6 and the last .2 were mostly downhill and felt like it just flew by.

After the first two miles with no Garmin, I decided that even if it did find a satellite I wanted to continue to pace off the little girl and run by feel.  I was really hoping for a roughly 7:20ish pace.

Right at the end of mile 5/beginning of mile 6 I can't remember, near the end,
we have to run up four levels of a parking garage.  Talk about rough, but at that point I knew once I got out of the garage it was downhill or level.

How I felt overall .. great!  Tired at the end so I know I pushed hard.

Three out of the four Team Beef Montana members present

Would I choose to do it again without my Garmin?  That's a hard one.  On one hand I really enjoyed not stressing about pace and distance too much and just enjoying the run.  I even high fived some of the volunteers during miles 2 and 3 until I started getting tired and had to focus on running more.  On the other hand, I really like knowing my pace and keeping on track with goals, pace, etc.

I don't feel like I was in it very much mentally.  I think having no Garmin and rain threw me for a loop, which is funny because usually I am really on with my mental game. I mantra my whole way through races sometimes after the first mile. I really loved running in the rain though that can happen every time!

Final results chip time was 45:52 with a pace of 7:23
53 out of 515 overall
14th out of 320 women
2 out of 45 in my age group.  The girl who beat me did so by ten measly seconds!  so close!!

That is pretty much a 7:22ish pace which was my goal.


  1. Congratulations! That is amazing you pretty much hit your goal pace running by feel. Do you think you would have run faster/slower with the garmin?
    Too funny you used the 11 year old as your pacer :)

    I'm definitely interested in hearing more about your gait analysis!

  2. Great job on your race! Since I live in cloudy, rainy Portland I'm very much used to running in the rain and don't mind it at all. Beat running in the heat with blazing sun.

  3. BOOM! That is awesome, well done! Running in the rain is the BEST.

  4. my last garmin-less half marathon is still my current PR...always makes me wonder if i should run more races without it, but then i chicken out and strap it on anyway :)

    awesome job nailing your goal pace on feel alone! love it!

  5. Great job lady especially without the Garmin! I have had a few good runs without it but I don't think I can give my Garmin up permanently.

  6. Great race! That parking garage situation sounds horrible. Also, what a cool example you're setting for your kids by being "crazy, brave, and tough" and following through on a race you'd committed to, even in crummy conditions.

  7. Great race! Having my garmin not find satellites before a race is my worst nightmare. I love that you were pacing off an 11 year old. Let's be real though--every single kid running races zips right past me...not a chance I could ever use one as a rabbit!

  8. Congratulations! Nice race, I think the rain would have been great.

  9. Nice pace! I love that you paced off a little girl:) I hate it when my Garmin doesn't lock on! Argh:/

  10. You have to run up a parking garage??? What? LOL, that is awful. Great race!

  11. Wow, you nailed it!! I can't believe you had to run up a parking garage, that's nuts!

  12. GIRL!!! What a race!! wahooo! congrats :-) #likeaboss

  13. Nice garmin free race-nice pace, too!!

  14. That is a great time! I HATE when the Garmin won't find satellites. It happened to me before a marathon and I was so pissed. I agree there are advantages, but it still sucks.

  15. Congratulations!! Wow. This makes me want to get in shape :)


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